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Welcome to the Art Department

Year 8 are currently working on the buildings Project.

Year 11 are currently working on their mock exam

Year 12 are exploring the theme Animal

Year 9 are investigating the Human Form

Year 7 are looking at Mark-making

The Art Team


Mr M.Priest
Assistant Principal

Director of Faculty: Art
Fine Art, Illustration


Mrs. Hughes
Textile specialist
Part time

Mr W.Vickers
3D ceramic specialist
Full time

Mrs V. Ankers
Fine Art
Part time


Our aim is to provide a sense of security and an atmosphere of respect out of which student's creativity can flourish. We encourage our students to engage with all aspects of art, craft and design and work together to develop the quality and range of courses, facilities and experiences available to our students. We recognise our responsibility for raising students awareness and understanding of the potential future opportunities available through a good education in a creative subject. We look to share our passion for the subject, subsequently engaging, enthusing and building the confidence of every student.


Standards for lessons in Art
Lessons in the Art department would be expected to have:
  • A positive and supportive climate
  • Clearly established routines
  • Pupils will be encouraged and challenged
  • Health and Safety issues being addressed where appropriate
  • Learning objectives will be stated at the beginning
  • Opportunities will be created for pupils to participate in their own and each other’s assessment.
  • Make links to previous and future learning.
  • Use of exemplar work and / or demonstrations of techniques and processes
  • Use of ICT where appropriate
As a department we are currently developing our:
  • Use of learning objectives during and at the end of lessons.
  • Use of student talk-time allocated during questioning
  • Timing and use of peer assessment
  • Allocation of time given to improvement of work after assessment.


Ian Murphy Drawing Workshop

Talented students from each year group recently participated in a two day drawing workshop with artist Ian Murphy. Using local architecture as subject matter, the students explored a range of techniques using graphite and collage to create multi-layered and atmospheric drawings.

 Artist of the Week
Each week the Art teaching staff select one pupil from their teaching groups that has made excellent progress or attained the highest standards within their work.

Kilian Sauerbier
Megan Francis
Alex Warren
Ella Wright
Emma Sykes
Year 13

Killian Saubier 7E
Megan Francis 8C

Alex Warren 8R

Ella Wright 10S
Emma Sykes Y13
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