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Aims of the School

* To ensure that all children realise their maximum potential in all areas of schoolwork and character development.
* To create a happy school environment, where children may enjoy their work and establish good attitudes towards work and leisure activities.
* To help children acquire the skills of responsibility and self-respect.
* To encourage children to develop the important qualities of courtesy, tolerance and consideration for others and their property.
* To foster links with home and other agencies so that individual needs are met and guidance given, thereby supporting learning within the school.
* The School will provide children with access to the National Curriculum.
* To offer a broad based curriculum in order to facilitate the acquisition of knowledge, promote enjoyment in learning, and to provide knowledge and skills to equip students for work and leisure as active, confident and responsible members of a rapidly developing society.
We aim to establish an environment within which teachers and non-teaching staff; advisory colleagues, school governors and parents can work together for the successful achievement of these aims.

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