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World War II          
 We had an absolutely wonderful time on our trip to Stockport Air Raid Shelters! The children learnt lots of REALLY interesting things in a very hands on setting and exciting way!! The teachers had lots of fun too!!
Thank you SO much for all the help from parent helpers it was very much appreciated and we couldn't have done it without you!! THANK YOU!!
Our pictures will arrive ASAP!
  We have also re-created our own VE Day celebrations in school, looking at what VE day is, the significance of it and how it was celebrated. We had the opportunity to taste real foods from WWII; corned beef hash, woolton pie (home-made by Mr Roberts), jam sandwiches, lots of fruit, sponge cake, Syrup loaf (home-made by Miss Owens) and even Nettle tea!!!

After tasting all these delicious foods, I think we all really appreciate how lucky we are not to have our food rationed and only eat the same food every night!
We hope you enjoyed all of our class assemblies, we really enjoyed doing them so thankyou for all your support!

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