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Accelerated Reader

In English we believe in practising our reading regularly to improve our basic literacy skills. Through Accelerated Reader by Renaissance Learning, teachers and pupils alike can track reading progress. 

Click on the link below to take a reading quiz.

English Curriculum Objectives

  • Use a range of strategies including accurate decoding of text, to read for meaning
  • Understand, describe, select or retrieve information, events or ideas from texts and use quotation and reference to text
  • Deduce, infer or interpret information, events or ideas from texts
  • Identify and comment on the structure and organisation of texts, including grammatical and presentational features at text level
  • Explain and comment on writers' uses of language, including grammatical and literary features at word and sentence level
  • Identify and comment on writers' purposes and viewpoints and the overall effect of the text on the reader
  • Relate texts to their social, cultural and historical contexts and literary traditions 

  • Write imaginative, interesting and thoughtful texts
  • Produce texts which are appropriate to task, reader and purpose
  • Organise and present whole texts effectively, sequencing and structuring information, ideas and events
  • Construct paragraphs and use cohesion within and between paragraphs
  • Vary sentences for clarity, purpose and effect
  • Write with technical accuracy of syntax and punctuation in phrases, clauses and sentences
  • Select appropriate and effective vocabulary
  • Use correct spelling 

Speaking and Listening
  • Talk in purposeful and imaginative ways to explore ideas and feelings, adapting and varying structure and vocabulary according to purpose, listeners, and content
  • Listen and respond to others, including in pairs and groups, shaping meanings through suggestions, comments and questions
  • Create and sustain different roles and scenarios, adapting techniques in a range of dramatic activities to explore texts, ideas and issues
  • Understand the range and uses of spoken language, commenting on meaning and impact and draw on this when talking to others
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