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Welcome to Capenhurst Grange's Maths Department

Head of Maths: Emma Frost

Year 7 and Year 8 maths is taught through topics - a new topic each half term.
In Year 9, we start teaching the concepts that are included in the various qualifications the pupils will be able to achieve. By the end of this year, pupils should have completed the Entry Level Certificate.
KS4 follow a scheme of work which includes the specification for AQA GCSE, Entry Level Certificate and Adult Numeracy. Functional skills will be included from next year, which are part of the new diplomas.
  For those pupils who will not achieve GCSE but have completed the ELC, they will have the opportunity to do the Adult Numeracy qualification. Here, they need to use the skills they have developed to work through different questions based on real life situations. There are 5 levels - Entry 1, 2, 3 and Level 1 and 2.
But, if pupils achieve the ELC and the Adult Numeracy, then say they would like to have a go at the GCSE, they can do so.


Here are some websites which can help pupils with the work they are doing in school.



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