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Parents and Carers Information

The following information has been kindly provided by Wendy Merrick. If you have any suggestions of other useful links and web based resources, please contact us at school.
You can email ideas to deputy@hinderton.cheshire.sch.uk


Useful Numbers and Contacts



Compiled by Wendy Merrick.


(Parents for the Early Intervention of Autism in Children)

01344 882 248



Autism Research Centre



National Autistic Society (NAS)

0845 070 4004




(Sensory Integration Resources)

0845 230 1177




Cheshire Carers Centre

0800 085 0307

Email: advice@cheshirecarerscentre.org.uk


Crossroads – Caring for Carers

01270 753 487

01244 346 699

Cheshire Parent Partnership

01829 742 997


(Cheshire Autism Support & Development Team)

The CASADT website


The CASADT (Cheshire Autism Support and Development Team) website has a wealth of useful resources all of which are free to download. The website is a valuable resource for both school and parents / carers.

How to access the website:


Ø      Click here to visit the CASADT website


DWP- Department of Work and Pensions

0845 712 3456

Blue Badge parking Scheme

Contact Department of Transport for info or visit website


or 0870 1226 236

or contact your local social services access team

0845 113 1133

Alternatively Cheshire Carers Centre can send on your application form – call 0800 085 0307


Contact a Family

0151 348 5600

Cheshire Centre for Independent Living

01606 872 760


What’s going on in your local area


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