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SAT's test for Team Six begin on the week commencing 12th May 2014.
 It is very important that children are all in school for that week. Unlike other tests that the children have completed in school they cannot be taken on another day and they will not score!


 Here are some useful websites for Year 6 SATS practice and revision. Click on the links below.

Times Tables Revision
Lots of interactive games for practising your tables.
Key Stage 2 Sats Tests
Download free example SAT papers in Key Stage 1, 2 and 3 now



 BBC Bitesize
 BBC's learning website. Revision activities for KS2 Literacy and Maths
Web links for English SATS revision
Annual subscription of £10. A comprehensive guide to SATS resources.
Past SATS papers. Science, English and Maths

 Woodlands Revision Corner
KS2 Literacy, Maths and Science revision activities
BBC Bitesize
BBC's learning website. Revision activities for KS2 Science
Wired Science
Scroll down the page to find the Ciel Space Explorer, an interactive Science revision game for Key Stage 2 children


Practice KS2 SATs questions for English, Science and Maths
 4 Learning
Channel 4's learning website. Interactive maths challenges for KS2

 Channel 4 Book Box
Channel 4's learning website. Interactive literacy activities for KS2


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