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What is 121 Tuition?

One To One Tuition

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Each pupil identified by the school will receive:
  • 10 hours of one-to-one tuition
  • With a qualified teacher
  • In either English or Mathematics
  • Focused on a specific area that they find difficult and which is holding them back
  • Outside of school hours
  • And in a venue where they feel able to learn

Each tutor will:

  • liaise with the teacher to agree targets
  • Plan and deliver the equivalent of 10 hours tuition focused on these targets
  • Receive up to £25 for each hour (£250) - plus an extra 2 hours for liaison and planning - a total of £300.
If you have any questions about One-to-One Tuition, please ring Thea Tomlinson on (0151) 346 6550.

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