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Fair Trade

Our Fairtrade School Status has been renewed for another year

Great News!

Dear Upton-by-Chester,

Congratulations! Your Fairtrade School status has been renewed for another year. You will be sent an updated certificate shortly. Thank you so much for your continued support in helping to bring about a better deal for farmers in developing countries and a more just system of international trade. Keep up the good work as you will need to renew your Fairtrade School status again in a year’s time.

Very best wishes

Fairtrade Schools Manager

Welcome to the Fairtrade page. We achieved Fairtrade Status on 2nd July 2009 and 2010.
Take a look at how our school helps to support producers in the developing world.
The Fairtrade Fashion Show: 15th March 2011

We made £1085 in profit!

We sold £658.80 worth of Fairtrade goods!


All of you who took part in the organisation, modelling, music, advertising, selling, singing, dancing…are amazing – well done.


Buy the DVD only £3 from the Media department – See Miss Seery for details!
The school choir
Fairtrade  Models
Tops by Liv and eco hats 
Music from The Harmonettes
Models wearing tops by SPUK and Athletic pumps
African influence dance from the BTEC Dance group

What is Fairtrade?

Millions of farmers depend on their crops to survive, but it is a risky business. When prices drop it usually spells disaster. If farmers earn less money than it costs to run their farm, they face real hardship, struggling to buy food or keep their children in school. They may even lose their land altogether.

Fairtrade makes sure that farmers and producer organisations get a fair and stable price for their products to help them support their families and invest in a better future. Find out more from www.fairtrade.org.uk


What is a Fairtrade School?

It is a school committed to Fairtrade. This means it helps young people understand about how trade works and how to make global trade fairer. It sells and uses Fairtrade products as far as possible, and takes action for Fairtrade in the school and local community.


Fairtrade at Upton-by-Chester High School

Before we began the Fairtrade committee there was little knowledge or understanding amongst staff and pupils about the Fairtrade cause. We carried out and audit in October 2008 and the main recommendations were:

  • More students need to be made aware of the Fairtrade in the school, this could be done by having more  posters, assemblies and events
  • The students feel that the school is a community that is trying to make the world a better place, so this should be encouraged in a widely publicised Fairtrade fortnight.
  • Stalls at school events are noticed, so is there the opportunity to have them at other events?

There was a real passion to take part in raising awareness of Fairtrade issues once staff and students knew aims of the Fairtrade movement.


The impact of the lessons and activities which staff and students are involved in is high. Both groups have become highly motivated in furthering the cause. Staff and students now arrange their own sub group meetings and come up with new ideas on their own. They are very keen to take part in activities such as the Banana eating world record attempt and the Year 7 Performing arts exhibition on the 14th July which looked at the issues of Fairtrade through dance and song. Staff have been overwhelmed by the support and enthusiasm of the students who are keen to make a contribution. At the heart of our vision is to help those who are less fortunate than ourselves to receive a fair price for the goods they produce.


The students run the Fairtrade committee and are supported by staff. Jack W. in Year 9 is the chair of the committee. Jack and other students have conducted assemblies for Years 7, 8 and 9 in order to explain the Fairtrade cause and announce the school was going to support it.  Ellen  and Jenny, both in the 6th Form, have expressed how much they have enjoyed organising events, particularly the Banana eating world record attempt. They were thrilled to raise over £500, sell over £1000 bananas and publicise the issue of Fairtrade amongst the local community. Staff feel privileged to work with such enthusiastic and committed students who now see that what they do can affect others on an international scale. In June 2009, Upton-by-Chester High School achieved Fairtrade status. This year, we hope to set up an international link. The students want to support local charities by raising money to buy Fairtrade goods and giving those goods to support a homeless shelter.








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