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SENCO: Mrs R Reid
supported by:
  • Intervention Teaching Assistants: Miss Davies, Miss Smith, Miss Hickson, Mrs Moss, Mrs Horton, Miss Campbell, Mrs Potts Mr Coombs, Miss Bickerton, Mrs Stryczek, Mrs Hooper, Miss Proudman, Mr Foulkes, Mr Fletcher. 
  • EAL teaching assistant: Mrs Stryczek
  • Learning support assistants: Mrs Hooper,  Mr Coombs, Mrs Proudman, Miss Campbell.
Special Educational Needs Provision at Brierley Primary School
At Brierley Primary School we aim to meet the definition of Special Educational Needs (SEN), as stated by the Code of Practice. Special Educational provision means: educational provision which is additional to, or otherwise different from, the educational provision made generally for children of their age in school. At any point in their school life a child may have Special Educational Needs.
No pupil will be refused admission on the basis of his or her spoecial educational need. In line with SEN and Disability Act we will not discriminate against disabled children and we will take all reasonable steps to provide effective educational provision.
At Brierley Primary School we aim to:
  • Ensure that all pupils with SEN regardless of their needs, receive appropriate, differentiated teaching to meet their educational needs
  • Encourage parents/guardian to join us in planning and supporting their child's development
  • Identify, assess, record and regularly review pupil's special educational needs as early as possible
  • Promote individual confidence and positive attitude
  • Enable every child to experience success
  • Make effective use of support services: Educational Psychologists; Speech and Lnaguage; Occupational therapists; CASADT; CAMHS; Physiotherapist and Behaviour Support Team
  • Share a common vision and understanding of all stakeholders
  • Acheive a level of staff expertise to meet the needs of all children
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