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Open Evenings

These are arranged by teachers in all classes to discuss the curriculum and programmes used. Open evenings are arranged for parents to have the opportunity to share the achievements of your son/daughter and to discuss specific issues or futureplans. These occasions are always very informal. These are held in the autumn and summer terms with the Annual Review meetings held in the spring term.

Parent Workshops

In the past these parent workshops have covered topics such as epilepsy, incontinence, behaviour management, signing, movement, legal advice, Healthy Schools and School/Home partnership. We are always happy to provide workshops on matters of interest.

We also organise various parent groups which focus on mutual support, sharing advice and using school resources. If you would like further details of these opportunities, please contact the Head Teacher.


Parents as Partners
  • It is the policy of the school that parents are as fully informed as possible about the nature of the curriculum and how it is applied to meet the special needs of their child. Teachers maintain regular communication with parents through personal contact, daily home/school books, telephone calls, weekly class news sheets and termly newsletters. In addition the school promotes an active partnership through a parent/staff association, workshops, questionnaires,and Annual Review response sheets so that a joint consistent approach can be undertaken.
  • Parents are invited to discuss the Annual Report/Review Statement with the child's teacher/Head Teacher after it has been received.
  • Arrangements can also be made to see the Head Teacher and members of staff in order to discuss or ask about anything which may be of concern, or to ask for a home visit if this is preferred. An important function of the school is to exchange information with parents and to offer advice and support.

Parents are always welcome; visits may be at any time. Parents are asked to telephone first, if possible, in case the person they wish to see is out or unavailable. If parents have worries or concerns, they are asked to contact the Head Teacher in order that time can be given, free from other commitments.
The Home School Diary

This news/communication book should pass frequently between parents and the teacher. It should contain information about tasks learned or items of interest so that a dialogue between the child's family and teacher can take place.

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