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Welcome to Year 3

In Year 3, we are all 7 and 8 years old.
Our teacher is Mrs. Horsley  



 Mrs Johnson and Mrs. Morgan also work with Year 3.                                                          



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A warm welcome to Year 3!  This year we have lots of interesting topics to follow and with some great interactive activities planned, I am sure we will all have a fun time as well as learning a lot of new facts.
In Numeracy we will be using our knowledge to solve mathematical problems as well as counting and understanding number. We will learn about number facts and how to calculate, we will be looking at shape and pursuing lots of practical activities when we develop our understanding of measurement. Finally we will be collecting information about the class and other criteria and presenting our findings in the form of bar charts and pictograms. We will also be carrying on with our study of shapes, especially angles. We'll sort them, draw them, measure them and use them to solve puzzles. We will also be learning how to sort mathematical information using different diagrams.
In Literacy we will be writing stories with familiar settings, writing reports and performing poetry.  We will spend an exciting time investigating myths and legends and learning how to write instructions about everyday activities. We will look at shape poems and calligrams, find out about our favourite authors and investigate information texts. We will study the language used in poetry and dialogue used in plays. All this and much more involving drama and hot seating to help us create our best possible work. In our non-fiction work we will be writing instructions and also looking at different kinds of writing to give information. We will need to gather information, decide which bit of it is important, organise it and then decide what we should make it look like depending on who we wan to read it. Our writing will also include letters to persuade people to do just what we'd like them to! 
In Science , we will be learning all about Light and Shadows. We will discover how light travels (and how incredibly quick it is), as well as how humans have used light - including sunlight - to make their lives easier. We will also be carrying out investigations so that we can learn how measure and observe, and then record what we find.
Mrs. Morgan will also be teaching you for Design Technology. She has planned a whole range of interesting activities for you to do. You'll look at packaging and you might even get something to eat!
In History we will find out why Henry VIII married so many times and how the rich and poor lived in Tudor times; as well as going back in time to the Ancient Egyptians.
Art will involve looking at relationships between people in art and photographs and what these pictures are actuallly telling us. We will make photoframes to house our own portrait pieces as well as making sandwich snacks and moving monsters.......! Scary
We will be studying our local area in Geography and investigating weather around the world.
For the musical amongst us, recorder lessons are on the agenda as well as learning about the orchestra and how music can be used to enhance the atmosphere of poetry and other literacy areas.
Finally if all that has not tired us out then there is P.E which involves dance activities, invasion games,striking and fielding, net and wall games, gymnastics and moving on into the summer term, athletic activities.
R.E will follow the Cheshire Agreed Syllabus.
What an action-packed year. Enjoy!!



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