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 Welcome to Year 4


 Don't forget to come early (8.30am) and be in your PE kits tomorrow!
Hey, people...what a fantastic job you've done with your World Cup projects! So...your homework this week is a nice, yet challenging, logic game.
Click the link to 'Escape'!
(I'm stuck on level 29 so if you've got any clues...)
We are all 8 and 9 years old.
Our teacher is Mr Pownall.
Other amazing adults who help us through the week are:
Mrs Morgan
Mrs Price-Murphy
Mrs Torr
 Well done to our Year 4 football team who won their recent game against Wistaston Church Lane! It was a very close game that finished 3-2.
Hi de Hi and a Happy Half Term!
Each of you have drawn out one of the countries taking part in this summer's World Cup. I have asked you to find out all you can about that country and produce a mini-project giving as much information as you can. Lots of facts, lots of colour, lots of detail! Some things you could include:
Currency (money)
Interesting Historical Facts
Anything else you want to include!
You also need to carry on with your reading (at least 4 entries in the journal, please!)
Please bring your projects into school on Friday 6th June - That's just over 2 weeks to do it. Remember...don't leave it all until the last minute!
As promised, I will also buy some small prizes to be awarded as your country progresses throught the World Cup!
The list of who got which team is on 'Have Your Say'...so no swapping!
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Welcome to Year 4. I am sure we are all going to have a great time this year with a lively Year 4 curriculum and some 'hands on experience' visits.
In Literacy we begin our study of narrative texts by focusing on stories with a historical setting. This theme provides lots of opportunities to develop speaking and listening as well as drama skills. We will continue by looking at the features of recount writing particularly newspaper articles. This work will link with our day trip to The Dewa Roman Experience. Finally, the creative language of poetry will be explored. Throughout the year , the children will explore a variety of fiction, non-fiction and poetry styles. We'll also try and get as much as we can up on the walls and round about school so you can all sees what we've been up to!.
We follow the National Strategy for Numeracy in which we develop skills in counting, partitioning and calculating; secure number facts and understand shape; investigate data and work with measures; have knowledge of all our tables to 12 and develop an understanding of number relationships. Weather permitting, we hope to do some of our maths outside so we can use our wonderful grounds to develop our understanding further.
Over the year our History lessons investigate the theme of 'Invaders and Settlers' focusing on the legacy left by the Romans and the impact of the Viking invasion. We make a cross-curricular link with Geography as we explore the development of settlements and the beginnings of place names.  We travel across Asia to a small village in India exploring similarities and differences between their climate and lifestyle and those of our own environment. These topics provide us with some excellent opportunities to get out and about on day visits, and also on our residential to Burwardsley. More about these will follow closer to the time.
Our topics in Science begin with an investigation of Animal Habitats and continue with Circuits and Conductors, Keeping Warm, Solids and Liquids, Moving and Growing and Forces.
In P.E. we will be looking to develop a wide variety of skills and tactics through games and other PE sessions. This will also include an 8 week swimming course to refine strokes and also give those pupils who are non-swimmers a chance to learn.  All children are assessed and an appropriate swimming programme is then followed.
We will also enjoy interactive lessons in R.E. and P.S.H.E. and Citizenship, practical sessions in Music, Art and Design Technology and conversational lessons in French.
School trips include a day visit to Chester in conjunction with our topic on the Romans and in March we undertake a three day residential visit to Burwardsley to develop historical and geographical knowledge. This has been a firm favourite for a number of years and helps increase social awareness and independency. 
Maths Logic Puzzle!
This looks really easy at first - but then you need to do a serious bit of thinking! ("Oh, no...not THINKING!" - Year 4)
Find the heaviest object - Simple as that!
Sentence Work! - A Fun Game!
Homework - A Puzzle!
This is a good one - it will REALLY test your skills of spatial awareness and forward planning! Who will be first to crack all ten levels???
Move your 'X' shaped piece using the arrow keys and use it to move all the other pieces around. The idea of the puzzle is to get all of the shape pieces on their correct squares. It's not as easy as it first looks, but you'll soon get to learn some very important strategy!
One tip - find the 'undo' button. You'll be using that a lot!
Times Tables Activities!
Don't let these drift...KEEP IT UP!
'Time' for some Homework!
(See what I did there???)
The first link has 3 different activities on it. Work through them to help you fully understand how time works.
The second activity is a bit more tricky. This will help you to work out the difference between two times; to work out how much time has passed.
All in all an action-packed year!! Enjoy.


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