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Welcome to Year 5
We are a very busy class working with our teacher:
Mr Reading



Start your Numeracy adventure here! Click on the link below to go to Mathletics.
Our classroom is right in the centre of the school and we always working hard to set an exapmle for the younger children. We have a large area to exhibit the lovely work we produce, currently showing our art pictures. Please come to view our work.
Our P.E. day is Tuesday although most children prefer to keep their kit in school all week just in case we need to alter the timetable due to the weather conditions or other unforeseen circumstances!  We may even go to Brine Leas for some P.E. lessons.
                   **   Time For Change   **
Was held on Thursday 12th December 2013, it was a great day with most products selling, we raised a grand total of over £230.00
So a big thank you to all the teams which were Crafty Kids, 
BGR, Christmas Creativity, Zabawa and Cidamm. 
                              ***  Dragons Den  ***
Judgement day will be held on Thursday 23rd Janaury 2014. GOOD LUCK.
                   ***  Primary College  ***
This year we will be going to South Cheshire College for fun activites on the 8th - 9th July 2014. CAN'T WAIT.
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