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Welcome to the Pastoral homepage, from here you can access areas and issues relating to the pastoral systems in the school. These include the main staff involved (Student Manager, Learning Managers and Pastoral Support Assistants); information relating to specific year groups; policies e.g. Anti-bullying, Drugs, Child Protection, Behaviour and Attendance; the outline of the pastoral curriculum; information about external agencies e.g. CAMHS, Connexions, Education Welfare, School Health, School Counsellor; and miscellaneous information e.g. holiday request forms, information about the absence line and contact numbers and email addresses for parents' helplines.

To contact our Learning Managers or Pastoral Staff please click here.

  • Mr S Smalley
    Pastoral Leader
  • Mr N Curran
    Learning Manager Year 7
  • Mr D Picksley
    Learning Manager Year 8
  • Miss H Case
    Learning Manager Year 9
  • Mr E Donald
    Learning Manager Year 10
  • Miss J Mason
    Learning Manager Year 11
  • Mrs S Hunt
    Learning Manager Year 12
  • Dr A Burgess
    Learning Manager Year 13
  • Mrs H Aldington
    Pastoral Supervisor
  • Mrs L Hurst
    Pastoral Supervisor
  • Miss H Glazebrook
    Pastoral Admin Assistant
  • Ms J Jouannet
    School Counsellor
  • Mrs L Southall
    Behaviour Support Co-ordinator

If you are worried about anything and wish to report an issue to school, please click on the Bully Hotline link below.

  • Year 7
    New Intake, Behaviour Skills for Learning
  • Year 8(soon)
    2nd Language, Setting
  • Year 9(soon)
  • Year 10
    Work Experience
  • Year 11
    GCSE's, Mentoring

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