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Design and Technology

Design and Technology plays a very important part in our lives. It controls and affects much of what we do. Designing is an activity which uses a wide range of experiences, knowledge and skills to find the best solution to a problem, within certain constraints. Designing is a creative activity and involves identifying and clarifying a problem, making a thoughtful response and then creating and testing your solution. Design and Technology capability requires students to combine their designing and making skills with knowledge and understanding, in order to design and make products. Designing is far more than just problem solving. It involves the whole process of producing a solution from conception to evaluation. This includes elements such as cost and technology activity.
Design and Technology at Brine Leas School is crucial to every student’s experience because it is essential to the development and promotion of enquiry, emotional growth, creativity and expression. How children learn about design and technology depends upon how they are taught and the selection of appropriate knowledge and experiences for them to explore.
The National Curriculum promotes the need to develop within students "their capacity to adapt and respond flexibly to a changing world".
This is at the heart of Design and Technology at Brine Leas School. Design and Technology helps to develop in young people such qualities as imagination, inventiveness, resourcefulness and flexibility. Industry and commerce need people with such qualities, but people as individuals also need these qualities in order that they may be able to challenge and change their own roles in life if they so wish. In terms of appearance, styling, fashion and manufacture.
Designers and technologists work in almost every area of life, food, textile design, product design, graphic design, interior design, engineering design and environmental design. Each area requires a different type of knowledge, but they all involve a similar design process.

Technology Department Staff

Mr P Barton - Head of Technology
Miss J Downes - Food Technology
Mrs V Farrall - D&T
Mrs S Fawcett - Textiles
Mrs J Mooney
Mr M Price
Mr P Whitehead
Mr T Williams
Mr P Jones
Mrs J Mathers
Mr J Minshull


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