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 Welcome to Class 2
Years 3 & 4
We are Class 2 and this is our homepage.
This week we have been looking at
Literacy- Letters and explanations.
Numeracy- Division and fractions.
Science- Friction and air resistance.
Art- Sketching and shading.
Geography- Making Towns.
S.E.A.L- Getting on and falling out.

We have been thinking about friendship and what makes a good friend.
The children enjoyed making a tangled friendship web, they passed the wool to a member of the class and said something nice about them.




Our Teachers are:
Mrs Cockburn - Mrs Cockburn has worked at Utkinton for the past 4 years, teaching across all age-groups. During the week, she works on a Monday and a Tuesday in our class.
Mrs Wharton - Mrs Wharton has worked at Utkinton for the past five years, working in both Years 3/4 and in the infants. During the week, she works on a Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.
Our Teaching Assistants are;
 Mrs Douthwaite- Mrs Douthwaite works on a Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday morning in our class. She has worked in all year groups throughout her time at our school.

Mrs Macaulay - Mrs MaCaulay works on a Thursday and Friday morning in our class. Over the past 4 years she has worked across Key Stage 2, building up experience of working with a range of children.

                                                      Live, Love, Learn.