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Welcome to Nursery
  Autumn Term 
We look forward to meeting our new nursery children and welcoming them into our wonderful learning environment.
This half term our topic will be 'Animals'. We have lot's of children in the Foundation Stage Unit who are very curious to find out about zebras, cheetahs, tigers, giraffes, elephants and crocodiles!
We will be looking at information books and computer websites to extend our existing knowledge of animals.  We will be widening our knowledge of the differences and similarities between animals including those with patterns and those without. The children will be able to measure themselves against our classroom giraffe and can enjoy making an 'enormous crocodile'.
We will be looking at the following stories, 'Dear Zoo' and 'The Enormous Crocodile'. The children will be writing letters to the zoo and studying which animals make the most suitable pets and which ones don't!
The children will have the opportunity to make representations of their favourite animals from a range of media and materials. We hope to make an enormous crocodile using recycled junk modelling materials.
We will be joining in with number rhymes including '5 Cheeky Monkeys' and learning a poem called  'Zoo Fun'. We will also be sorting animals by their features and matching quantity to number. Children will be feeding numbers to the hungry crocodile to build on their ability to recognise numbers to 10.
We have recently had a visit from Zoo Lab who provided us with an opportunity to handle real animals and to learn interesting facts about them. We will be having breakfast with Santa at Bellis' Garden Centre in December (Dates are to be confirmed at a later date). 
Nursery children recieve a healthy snack per session and have access to milk or water throughout the day. Please make a member of staff aware if your child has any known allergies with regards to food or drink.
There is a voluntary contribution of 20p per session your child attends for snack. Costs go towards providing the children with a range of healthy snack options.
Read, Write, Inc
Children will be introduced to individual letter sounds once they have the right skills in place to enable them to access this systematic approach to reading. The children are becoming very familiar with differentiating between general sounds such as animal sounds, environmental sounds and instrumental sounds. These are the skills children need so that they will be able to eventually hear and differentiate between individual letter sounds. Throughout previous years, nursery children have made great progress with this phonic scheme and continue to enjoy phonic activities in class.
We have Read, Write, Inc packs available for parents of nursery children which provides information on the letter sounds being covered. Please ask a member of staff for further details.
We are very pleased to confirm that the Foundation Stage Unit scored a very impressive result following a recent inspection otherwise known as an ECERS inspection. 
On Thursday afternoons, the nursery children are able to engage in sport related activities led by a professional sports teacher.
On Thursday mornings, the nursery children take turns to participate in a music and movement session known as (Rhythm Time).
We also have the opportunity to use the mobile library service which stops at the nursery on alternative Thursdays.
Upon arriving at nursery, the children will be encouraged to self-register as part of the daily routine. The children have peg teddies which they are encouraged to put in either the girl or boy box and can find their name cards to choose their snack option for that day. 
Nursery children can stay for lunch and are able to bring a packed lunch or we can provide a hot school meal. Please inform the school office if you would like your child to have a hot school meal.
Please ask a member of staff if you have not yet recieved a Nursery Handbook.


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