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The Chester Allstars FC are essentially a football team that represents Chester and West Cheshire Primary schools. It is another name for Chester and District Schoolchildren Under 10's and 11's. It consists of a squad of 24 players (12 under 10 players from year 5 and 12 under 11’s players from year 6) who are selected from the 58 Primary Schools in Chester and District. It is thought that children who get through to the final 24 have competed with approximately 2000 potential players.


Each of the schools are invited to send one outstanding year 5 and one outstanding year 6 player at the start of the school year. If the schools feel they have more than one then they may send more and likewise they are under no obligation to send anyone. A team of 8 selectors and professional coaches from clubs and primary schools then choose the squad from the trials sessions. The players then meet and train once a week with a qualified UEFA licence coach and play a series of matches against outstanding opposition over the school year. These include:


-         Outstanding School teams (Cup/League winners)

-         High School Teams

-         Playing up a year (U’10’s vs U’11 teams)

-         Other County Sides (Flintshire Schoolboys, East Cheshire Schoolboys and Wrexham schools)

-         Academy Teams (Wrexham and Everton FC)


Our team charter and beliefs:


We realise that we must attend training and matches whenever possible and give 100% in every session.


We believe playing with and against better players help us to become better players.


We see the big picture and believe that whilst winning is nice, it isn’t everything. Rather learning, developing and becoming better players is what it’s really all about.


We learn from our mistakes and always reflect after training and matches.


We know how to successfully referee and self police our own matches.


We realise the importance of communication between coaches, parents and children.


We are role models for other children and other schools not just when we play for the Allstars but when we are at school and at home.


We know how to play fairly, winning well and losing well.


We appreciate the need to rotate our squads and give others a chance.


We help our younger or less confident players and always do what we can to help.


We do all we can to raise morale and boost confidence of others (even opponents).


We appreciate that we have been given a fantastic opportunity that many other children would love to do.


We are together as a team – if one of us gives less than 100% the team isn’t working at 100%.




To attend training when possible (unless clashes with school or academy club training or matches).


To attend all matches (unless clashes with School matches) – please note that players should attend Allstar matches even if this clashes with academy training. Clubs should be ok with this and are generally understanding of this as it isn’t every week. Please contact me if this is not the case. We have a very small squad and if players cannot make matches, this poses problems.


For parents to communicate effectively with the manager in advance of any matches as to whether their child can or cannot make the match.