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Frequently Asked Questions 
Instrumental/Vocal Tuition
My child would like lessons in school who do I contact?
Contact your child’s school who have all the information available.
I would like my child to have lessons outside of the school day - is this possible?
Yes, instrumental lessons from the Music Service are available after school and on Saturday mornings subject to Music Educator availability.
How do I access these lessons?
Contact the Music Service and information will be available on the website.

Is there a charge for lessons at my child’s school?
Each school will have its own charging policy for lessons. Please contact your child’s school.
I am receipt of benefits is there a remissions policy for lessons in school?
Schools are responsible for setting their own policy in respect of charging for instrumental tuition.
My child is having tuition from the service, how do I contact my child’s teacher?
Music Service teachers / Music Educators can be contacted via the Music Service office 0151 346 6699.

Musical Instrument Loan

My child would like to have lessons in school with a music teacher but does not have an instrument.  What should I do?
Children who receive tuition from the Music Service can hire an instrument for £54 per academic year (subject to instrument availability).  Payments can be spread across the academic year.
My child plays at a Music Centre but does not have lessons from a Music Service teacher, can I still hire an instrument from the service?
Yes, providing the child continues to attend the music centre and/or ensemble (subject to instrument availability).  Instrument hire costs £54 for the academic year.  
Is my child allowed to use the instrument for private music lessons?
Yes, providing it is adequately insured.
What do I need to do to hire an instrument?
Contact the Music Service or your child’s teacher/ensemble conductor.
When my other child was having lessons with the service we were able to purchase a musical instrument at a much reduced cost through the council, is this still possible?
If a child is having tuition from the service then it is possible for you to purchase an instrument minus the VAT. The council also offers you the option to spread the payments throughout the year. This service is only open to those children having lessons in school via the Wirral Schools’ Music Service. The parents of children who do not have lessons with the service need to speak with their child’s school.

Music Centre and Central Ensembles
My child wishes to attend a Music Centre/ensemble and has lessons from a Music Service teacher is there a charge for this?
No, children receiving tuition from a music service teacher can attend music centres and ensembles free of charge.
My child wants to attend Music Centre/ensemble but does not have lessons from a Music Service teacher is there a charge?
Yes, there is an annual charge to attend music centres and ensembles for children who do not receive tuition from a music service teacher.  Information will be available on the website or from the ensemble/centre director.  The service operates a remissions policy for those families in receipt of certain benefits.


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