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Number Formation
The children have been practising their number formation in school. They begin by learning the correct formation for the numbers one, four and seven as these numbers all use a downwards or across motion. We then begin to look at the formation of two and five as they require a curved and straight movement. We then look at a six and a nine. Lastly we look at a three and an eight.
Please note the correct formation for a seven it does not have a second line through the middle of the number.
We encourage the children to practice forming their numbers in glitter, shaving foam, flour, using chalks on the playground etc. The children do also practise their numbers on whiteboards and in their busy books.
Please take a peek at the powerpoint presentation that can be used to support the children when forming their numbers.
Please see to the left handside of this webpage for the correct rhyme that goes with the numbers.
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