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It is important that you are aware of the legal use of published material on the Internet. Advice on legal compliance is available on the BECTA website, a link to which is available below.

UniServity guide - Word download


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Other useful websites:

 Click Here to go to - The Intellectual Property Office, focusing on the application of Intellectual Property rights within the United Kingdom.


Click Here to view The Copyright Licensing Agency

Click Here to view A Guide to Copyright in Schools

Click Here to view a guide to copying and use of materials on BBC Schools
 Click Here to go to teachernet's guide to copyright
Copyright Toolkit - video of a music lecturer trying to copyright clear the materials he uses in his lectures for the VLE.  Nice interactive resource.
Useful Publications:
'The Teachers Guide to Copyright, The Internet and The Classroom Teacher' can be ordered from Naace for £3.50 a copy by printing off and completing the order form