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Welcome to the Mathematics Department VLE.

Ormiston Bolingbroke Academy is committed to offering students a valuable education in Mathematics. Our students are placed into classes according to their ability and not their form group, ensuring that the work and targets are set according to the students' ability.
During years 7, and 8 most students will follow the Key Stage 3 scheme of work building on their existing knowledge and skills, allowing students to progress through the levels of attainment at a speed that is suitable for them. For some Gifted and Talented students they are entered for their GCSE’s early so that their learning and progress is at a pace better suited to their needs.
When most of our students start their Key Stage 4 Education it is at the beginning of year 9, for these students we offer a range of courses to students to suit their needs and abilities, the courses that we offer are the Edexcel

We are currently updating the Maths Site.
For now.... Here are some links that you will need for your studies.

Use the MathsWatch Videos Folder on the left to see individual videos.
Follow the links below to view the posters for Easter Revision, giving times of each session, and a guide for the brand new OB Maths TV channel on You Tube.

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