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Head Teacher's Message

With teachers, parents and children working together we hope to provide a stimulating, yet relaxed environment, in which children can learn and grow.
Most of you who read this booklet are parents or prospective parents of children in school. I do hope that you take an active role in the life of the school and an interest in its works.
Whilst the basic skills remain as important as ever, the demands made upon children and teachers today, mean that schools are a very different place from what they were perhaps, when you were at school.
Children starting our school are beginning a 7-year adventure- a journey of learning and discovery, which we hope will be both informative and enjoyable.
Mrs J.A.Peel

Head Teacher:
Mrs J.A Peel
Deputy Head Teacher and Year 5 and 6 Class Teacher :
 Mr G. Lane
 Year 3 an 4 Class Teacher : 
Mrs K. Smith

Year 1 and 2 Class Teacher:
Mrs D. Knight
Reception Class Teacher :
 Miss R. Avison
Other adults in school
School Administrator:
Miss A Redmayne
Support Staff:  
Mrs E Bell (Teaching Assistant)
 Mrs K Ramwell (HLTA)
 Mrs M Ingham (Teaching Assistant)
 Mrs D Rigby (Teaching Assistant)
 Miss E Seed (Special Support Assistant)
 Mrs R Woods (Special Support Assistant)
  Catering Staff: 
Mrs Mandy Morley
 Mrs Hilary Brown
Welfare Staff:
Miss A Redmayne
 Mrs A Herd
  Mrs P Wyatt
 Mrs R Woods
Site Supervisor:
Mr P Adams
 Supply Teacher:
Mrs B. Azimy
 The Headteacher has a teaching commitment of 25%, mainly teaching the older children.

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