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Interviews: Short Answer Question Practice


  1. Suggest one advantage and one disadvantage of using group interviews rather than one to one interviews in sociological research.
  2. Suggest 2 ways in which sociologists can improve the validity of interviews as a source of data.
  3. Identify one similarity and one difference between structured interviews and postal questionnaire.
  4. Give 2 examples of ways that an interviewer might influence an interviewee’s answer.
  5. Give one advantage and one disadvantage of using interviews to study pupil subculture.
  6. What method, structured or unstructured interview, would you use to study pupils experience of sex and health education?  Give 2 reasons to justify your answer.
  7. Give 2 problems with using unstructured interviews to ask about parental choice of schools and class background.
  8. Give one advantage and one disadvantage of using teachers to interview pupils about topics.
  9. Give 2 ways in which you could make interviews more valid when interviewing pupils and explain why they would be so.
  10. Give a strength and limitation when using group interviews with pupils.
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