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At Healey we endeavour to provide all children with a happy and secure environment in which they can reach their individual potential.  We aim to equip children with the relevant skills, knowledge and attitudes to progress to the next stage of their educational life.


Our Aims are:


·         To fully subscribe to the ideals and framework of Every Child Matters by working in partnership.

·         To create a happy school, where children develop good relationships and a desirable attitude to learning from the Foundation Stage through both Key Stages.

·         Raise standards of education by helping pupils to realise their potential, and develop it to the fullest extent in whatever purposeful activity they are involved.

·         To ensure the health and safety of pupils and staff at all times.

·         Emphasise the development of basic language skills and also to foster the imaginative experience through speech, drama, writing and literature.

·         Make mathematics interesting and enjoyable and enable the children to apply mathematical skills to their everyday life and in so doing develop logical thinking.

·         Help pupils develop scientific skills and concepts, encouraging enquiry and investigation.

·         Create opportunities for children to develop technological skills through a variety of experiences using relevant resources and taking full advantage of the opportunities offered through information and communication technology.

·         Foster an aesthetic awareness of creative activities and experiences using education off site when appropriate.

·         Promote enjoyable participation in physical skills and sporting activities equipping the children for leisure pursuits.

·         Provide equal opportunities by removing barriers to learning based on gender, race, disability or special need.

·         Cultivate responsible attitudes towards others, school and the community, to fully embrace citizenship and to value anti-bullying principles and procedures.

·         Show tolerance to alternative religions, races and cultures.

·         Encourage self-control and self-respect through a positive discipline policy.

·         Take an active interest in the care and respect of the environment.

·         Endeavour to secure the necessary resources and have a responsible attitude to all new initiatives.

·         To maintain a caring policy towards all members of staff.

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