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Functional Skills
This is a practical exam that will allow you to gain 1/2 a GCSE. If you are taking a Diploma you need to pass this at the appropriate level. This qualification will also show an employer that you have good basic ICT skills.

June Preparation

Level 2

Video Walk Through Level 2 - .avi Audio Video Interleave (17,331 KB) (This will open in a new window)Level 2  

YouTube link to level 2 walk through video: 

Level 1

Y11 February Preparation
Level 1
Practice file -
Practice Questions
Level 2
Practice file -
Note the sale price is 10% off, ie you pay 90%.
Practice Questions
Past Papers
Click the links below for past papers. With the papers are the files they would give you in the exam.
This is the actual paper from January and the files that you would be given to work with.
Excel additional support
See files on the left handside also notes below:









Excel help:
Below are links to resources and activities that will help you to pass the qualification.
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