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Spring Term 2014
Congratulations to everyone in Class 3/4 M for your magnificent fundraising during Lent.
We collected £406.93 in total. We have chosen a selection of items from CAFOD's World Gifts, spending £411.00. These will be added to the school's virtual village.
Our journey through Lent is almost at an end. Next week we shall be remembering the main events of Holy Week in assemblies and class activities. On Thursday 10th April we went on a Lenten Prayer Trail at Holy Apostles and Martyrs Catholic Church.
We are now journeying through the season of Lent, leading up to Holy Week and Easter Sunday. On Ash Wednesday we had to think of what we could change about ourselves to become a better person.
On Thursday 6th March we all came as book characters for World Book Day. Our class winner was Jack who came dressed as "Captain Underpants."
Thank you to everyone for the part they played in our class assembly on Wednesday 5th February. Our theme was "Treating others well."
Here's a link to our favourite song, "Happy" by Pharrell Williams.
We went to West Wirral Works on Monday 20th January and made a working clock.
This term we'll be learning how to make our own animations in class.
Firstly we'll use "Pivot" which you can use at home too.
Here is the link to download "Pivot" for free at home. Please ask permission from your parents before doing so. Remember to only use the FREE DOWNLOAD link.
Here's the link to the website which has lots of films starring "Simon's Cat."
Autumn Term 2013
Thank you for your generous donations to CAFOD's World Gifts. We were able to purchase 2 gifts- Make a Child Smile and The Goat that Gives. 
Click play to watch the film we made about "Our Roman Day."
We all enjoyed our Roman Day on Tuesday 26th November. The author Robin Price visited our school. He talked to us about story writing and read from his own books too. Here are 2 stories from his Roman series.
We looked at Roman artefacts and worked in table groups to produce a large mosaic. 
We came dressed as a Roman soldiers, emperors,  wealthy ladies and slaves.

This week we were given our own log-ins to the school VLE. We are now able to create our own personal homepages. 
Remember to save any pictures or photographs to a folder on your computer before uploading them. Don't just copy and paste from another website as the image might be removed.
We have our first trip of the year on Monday 23rd September when we'll be designing and making photograph frames at West Wirral Works.
In Science we're learning about the characteristics of living things.
We're lucky enough to have lessons in German from Mrs Reynolds every Wednesday and Mandarin from Madame Cui on Thursdays. 
 Mrs Jones will be teaching us how to play the ukulele on Fridays.
If your parents want to know more about this term they can open the Autumn Newsletter in the resources section (to the left of this page).
Summer Term 2013
 Welcome back after the half term break. Don't forget that we're going to West Wirral Works on Tuesday 18th June to make our own torches. 
Before the end of term maybe you could visit the Ancient Egypt Gallery at World Museum, Liverpool? Here is a link to some information about what you can see there:
We have designed our own computer games in ICT, which we have sent in a link to our pen friends in Australia. You can find all of the games in the file called "Class 3/4 M's Computer games,  at the top of the list, to the left of this text. Just copy and paste them into the address bar of Internet Explorer.
Here is a link to the new version of Purple Mash. Remember that our special school code which you put in after the @ symbol is c41898.
Miss Mulcahy has made her own game too. Please have a go at playing it and let her know what you think in the forum "Miss Mulcahy's Game"- be kind!
On 25th April we learnt about the significance of Anzac Day for our pen friends in Port Melbourne Primary School, Australia.
We wrote our own poems and ate Anzac biscuits too.
Here is a photograph of the Port Melbourne Primary School Choir leading the national anthem of Australia after the flag was raised to full mast at the service at Station Pier.
We were fortunate to have a visit from Australian author Julie Reece on Thursday 18th April. She talked to us about her book "Jimmy's Anzac Pilgrimage." This is a tribute to her great uncle, Private James Martin Clement Neagle and the children of Sutton Veny, England who have never forgotten the ANZACs.
Here is a link to Sutton Veny Primary School in Wiltshire with a short video clip about the service they hold every ANZAC Day.
  Here are the pupils of Sutton Veny School standing by the Australian graves.
Welcome back. I hope that you enjoyed the Easter break. We have a busy term ahead.
This term we shall be designing our own computer games using Purple Mash. We shall be learning about life in Ancient Egypt. We have a visit on June 18th to West Wirral Works to make torches. Swimming begins on Monday 24th June for 2 weeks. Boys must wear swimming trunks and not board shorts. Girls must wear a swimming costume and not a bikini. No jewellery is allowed so please do not wear earrings to school during these weeks. The swimming instructors will assess each child's ability before assigning them to their groups. Miss Mulcahy will not be able to change these arrangements as the swimming instructors have more experience and knowledge in this area. 
You can find more information about this term in the "Summer Term Newsletter" to the left of this page.

Spring Term 2013
On Monday 18th March we'll be finding out about Habitats at Birkenhead Park. Remember to wear old clothes and wellingtons. You'll need to bring a packed lunch too.
We're trying to fill an empty sweet jar with coins for CAFOD. We also have a class raffle too with a selection of prizes. See the official helpers if you want to buy a ticket (10p each).
We made some animations of Tudor monarchs at The Learning Lighthouse. The first one is about Queen Mary I and the second one about King Edward VI. 
  Made by Katy.
Made by Jake E.
Mrs Bell will be helping us to improve our balancing skills in Gymnastics on a Tuesday and Mrs Snelson (from St Mary's) will teach us how to play Netball on a Thursday afternoon.
Our new R.E. topic has the title "Called to Change" which is all about forgiveness and reconciliation.
We'll carry on with our German and Mandarin lessons too. 
Autumn Term 2012
Click on the link next to this image and then you can log into Purple Mash. You'll need your username and password.
Here is the link to download "Pivot" for free at home. Please ask permission from your parents before doing so. Remember to only use the FREE DOWNLOAD link.
We started the GLOBAL CHILDREN'S CHALLENGE on Wednesday 19th September 2012 at Niagara Falls in Canada. For 50 days we had to keep wearing our pedometers. We recorded our step count at the beginning of each school day and then everyone had to reset their pedometer to zero. We found a daily average for our class and put this data into the table. We ended our journey in Waikato, New Zealand on Wednesday 7th November 2012 and had lots of fun along the way. 
Summer Term 2012
We have a very busy term ahead of us.
Key Dates:
Sunday 29th April Family Mass @ 9:30 am Holy Apostles and Martyrs Catholic Church for First Communion children.
Monday 30th April (am only)  Visit to West Wirral Works to make Moving Monsters.
Monday 14th May SATs begin in Key Stage 2.
Saturday 23rd June @ 11 am First Communion Mass (Group 1)
Monday 25th June Swimming begins for 3/4M and 3/4 D (2 weeks)
Saturday 30th June @ 11 am First Communion Mass (Group 2)
Tuesday 10th July @9:30 am School Celebration Mass for First Holy Communion with a party in the afternoon
February-April 2012
During Lent we are fundraising for Kalene Mission Hospital in Zambia. Dr Tess (from Wallasey) and her husband Phil are working there for a year and have said that they really need basic medical supplies. We have a collecting jar in class that we hope to fill by the time Easter arrives. Tess's Mum and Dad are going out to visit Zambia in late April/early May and will take the money we've raised or supplies that we've paid for.
Here is a link to the hospital's own website:
January 2012
This term we shall be learning all about China. We are visiting West Wirral Works on Tuesday 17th January to make a working clock.
November 2011
We've got our Roman Day on Monday 14th November. 
July 2011
We're sad to say goodbye to Louis Bailham and Katie Owens from Year 4 who are leaving our school. We wish them every happiness in their new countries.
Congratulations to Katie Owens on winning the Bill Green Poetry Shield and to Saphia Bathily on being runner up for for the Bill Green Religious Education Award.
Well done girls. We're very proud of you.
June 2011
Miss Mulcahy visited our penfriends in Grade 4B at Port Melbourne Primary School, Australia, taking the cards that we had made for them.  The children were delighted to receive them and replied with their own cards and letters.  
Summer Term
We have a busy half term  term ahead of us, beginning on Monday 13th June. Here are some of the things we shall be doing:
  • Some of the children in Year 3 will be making their First Holy Communion.
  •  Mrs Reynolds will be teaching us German on Wednesday mornings.
  •  We shall begin work on a project all about the 2012 London Olympics. 
  • We will be visiting World Museum Liverpool and West Wirral Works.
During Lent we raised funds for three different causes:
  • The Children's Society
  • Mr Banzubaze's School in Rwanda
As a class we raised money by doing jobs around the house. In return we hoped that our parents and grandparents made a donation towards CAFOD's World Gifts Appeal. Each week we added up all of the money raised and chose some gifts from the list. 
Week 1: We raised £17. We bought a School Starter Kit and a Temporary Shelter which together cost £16.
Week 2: We raised £24.40. We bought a gift called "Make a child smile" which cost £22. You can read about it below: 
 "More than just a fun day out, this amazing gift brings smiles to the faces of orphaned and vulnerable children who have lost parents and loved ones because of AIDS. A day of games, dancing and music gives them the chance to laugh, make new friends and just enjoy being children again."
Week 3: We raised £10.02. We bought a vegetable garden kit which cost £10.
Week 4: We raised an incredible £48.69. We bought a bicycle for a health care worker. This was our biggest purchase so far and cost £50. Well done to everyone for this fantastic total.
Week 5: We raised £13.33 which we added to the £4.10 carried over from the previous week, to make a total of £17.43. We bought a Emergency Kit for £15. The money that was left over (£2.43) we gave to The Lenten Alms Collection at Holy Apostles and Martyrs RC Church, Wallasey.
A huge thank you to everyone who has contributed to our efforts this Lent.

We have been learning all about kennings. Kennings were used a lot in Celtic and Viking stories. A kenning is a way of describing something without actually saying what it is. We hope that you enjoy reading our kennings and can solve the riddles without looking at the pictures!
Guess What?
I am a
by Owen
Aged 8 years
Guess What?
I am a
by Katie
Aged 8 years
Guess Who?
I am
         (Robin Hood)
by Jack
Aged 9 years
Guess Who?
I am
          (Harry Potter)
by Chloe
Aged 8
Guess What?
I am a
by Piper
Aged 7 years
Guess Who?
I am
        (Luis Suarez of Liverpool FC)
by Daniel K
Aged 8 years
Guess What?
I am a
by Kate
Aged 7 years
Guess Who?
I am
by Louis M
Aged 9 years
Guess What?
Famously fierce.
I am a
by Louis B
Aged 9 years
 Guess what?
Bird's nest,
I am a
by Saphia
Aged 7 years (nearly 8!)
Autumn Term 2010
We heard about the legend of a clever cobbler called Skuba and a fierce dragon called Smok, who lived in the Polish city of Krakow.
We worked in groups to produce an animation all about the story.
Here are 2 versions of our animation called "Smok the Wawel Dragon."
The first one is narrated in English and the second one in Polish.
Thank you to all of the staff at The Learning Lighthouse, Wallasey for their invaluable help.
We hope that you enjoy watching them both, as we had lots of fun making them.
They will both be shown in the Wirral Schools' Film Festival on 30th June 2011.
We started the GLOBAL CHILDREN'S CHALLENGE on Wednesday 29th September. For 50 days we had to keep wearing our pedometers. We recorded our step count at the beginning of each school day and then everyone had to reset their pedometer to zero. We found a daily average for our class and put this data into the table. Our virtual journey began at Niagara Falls in Canada. By half term we'd reached the island of Madagascar. We ended our journey after 50 days on 17th November, in Sirajganj, Bangladesh.
 June 2010
Miss Mulcahy visited our penfriends at Port Melbourne Primary School, Australia. Here is their latest class photograph:
November 2009
We had a Roman day in school on Tuesday 17th November. We were asked to come dressed as a slave, a Roman soldier or a wealthy Roman citizen. Zoe and Lorna came from The Grosvenor Museum in Chester to work with us.
Please look at what happened during the day (sorry this is only for members of the school community).



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