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NEWSLETTER - 27 July 2014 - Mrs Wood


The end of the school year is always tinged with sadness as we say goodbye to pupils and this year is no exception. 

We would like to wish all the children who are leaving us much happiness in their new schools, wherever they may be, and hope that they will look back on the time that they have spent at Marlfields with a smile on their faces.

It is always nice when the children decide themselves to pop in to say hello and let us know how they are doing, and we hope that this year’s leavers are no exception.


We say goodbye to members of staff too. 

Mrs Thomas joined Marlfields in 1996 as Miss Knowles in the position of Nursery teacher.
She left us for a short time to have her three lovely children but returned to us again in the role of Nursery teacher, she then became an ECAR teacher (Every Child A Reader); then she became a Year 1 teacher and will finish her time at Marlfields where she began - in the Nursery.  Mrs Thomas is leaving us to take on a position at another school. Her new school is very lucky to have her; and we hope that she will be happy there. 


Mrs Davenport, our most glamorous Midday Assistant (Dinner Lady), ‘Reader’ (Mrs Davenport currently comes in to listen to the younger children read) and Trip Helper is leaving us to enjoy retirement.  Believe it or not Mrs Davenport started work at Marlfields way back in 1973! During her time here she has seen many, many changes, not just the staff and children but also with the building itself. 

We are sure that you will join us in wishing her a nice, peaceful retirement; she deserves it after nurturing and helping so many children over the years.


We thank these valued members of staff for the time that they have spent with us

and wish them both all the best.


We are holding an ‘Afternoon Tea’ for both of these ladies on Tuesday from 2:00pm onwards if you would like to drop in to pass on your good wishes.



What is the

Summer Reading Challenge?


The Summer Reading Challenge takes place every year during the summer holidays.  You can sign up at your local library, read SIX books of your choice, collecting stickers and other rewards along the way.

Take part in the

Reading Challenge and read a minimum of SIX books and get a surprise treat from school too!


The last day in school for the children is Wednesday (23rd July) we finish at the usual time of 3:20pm.

Have a safe and happy Summer holiday, and we will see you back in school on Tuesday 2nd September. 

Goodbye and Good Luck to everyone who is leaving us. 

Come back to see us from time to time.

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