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Policy Updates - 08 September 2014 - Mr James

The Homework Policy and SEN Information have been updated here...

BCHS Lunch Menu - 03 September 2014 - Mr James

This term's lunch menu is available to view in the Parent Zone.

Welcome from the Headteacher - Mrs Atkinson - 01 September 2014 - Mr James





























































Welcome from the Headteacher

This September it is my priority to support and accelerate the progress of all of our Year 7 students. We have introduced a number of strategies to support those students who are underachieving, helping students who achieved less than a Level 4 to catch up.


Reading is a high priority, with all students reading four times a week to improve their skills; those who require it have extra support to improve their reading ability.


BCHS opened its doors two years ago in September 2012. We are now a growing and thriving community that has filled almost all of its places in Year 7. We are very proud to have been awarded joint first most improved school in the country 2009-12 by the Department for Education. In November 2012 we were judged to be a good school by Ofsted; ‘leaders have been determined and successful in improving teaching and students’ achievement’

There are no secrets to an excellent education: it entails good teaching and learning, strong support and hard work. We pride ourselves on knowing and caring for all our students whilst having high expectations and ambitions for them all. We want our students to stretch themselves and reach further than they ever thought possible. Our motto is ‘striving for outstanding’ and this is something we aspire to for all our students in their academic and personal development. Positive relationships between staff and students are key to our success as we know young people are inspired to learn from the people they like and respect.

We are very proud of all our young people at BCHS. They are smart, polite, well behaved and keen to learn. I hope you find our prospectus informative and invite you to experience our school for yourselves either on Open Evening or during the normal school day. We welcome any parent/carer who would like to visit school, please phone and make an appointment.

Mrs Atkinson - Headteacher

One Voice September 2014 - 27 August 2014 - Mr James

The latest issue of the BCHS with Crosshill school newsletter - One Voice, is available to view here

GCSE Results Summer 2014 - 21 August 2014 - Mr James

I am so proud of the students and my staff for their achievements this year. BCHS have exceeded by 3% their overall target set based on the students’ performance at Key Stage 2. This in itself demonstrates the hard work and commitment by all.


Individual exceptional performance goes to Safwaan Khan who achieved 11 A*/A grades along with Ayesa Imran and Billy Maxwell who achieved 8 A*/A grades each.


We continue to pursue excellence and are positioned to make further increases in the forthcoming year.
- Mrs Diane Atkinson


Fasting Guide - 05 June 2014 - Mr James

A fasting guide has been added to the Parent Zone, it's an interesting read for any parents and students who are fasting this Ramadan.

End of Year Exams Years 7-10 - 04 June 2014 - Mr James

End of year exams for Year 7,8,9, and 10 students start on Monday 16th June 2014. A revision and exam timetable has been sent home with all students.
End of Year Exams 2014 Years 7 - 10 
Start Time Date Title Duration No. Sitting Year Group Room
Monday 8.30am 16-Jun-14 English  1h  140 9 Sports Hall
Monday 8.30am 16-Jun-14 History 1h 30m 30 10 Dance Studio
Monday 10.55am 16-Jun-14 Maths Paper 1 Non Calc 1h 45m 149 10 Sports Hall
Monday 1.30pm 16-Jun-14 Psychology 1h 15m 15 10 Dance Studio
Monday 1.30pm 16-Jun-14 Maths  1h 168 7 Sports Hall
Tuesday 8.30am 17-Jun-14 Maths 1h 140 9 Sports Hall
Tuesday 8.30am 17-Jun-14 Food Tech 1h 11 10 Dance Studio
Tuesday 9.40am 17-Jun-14 Maths 1h 151 8 Sports Hall
Tuesday 9.40am 17-Jun-14 BTEC Science 1h 40 10 Dance Studio
Tuesday 9.40am 17-Jun-14 BTEC Science 1h 13 10 Com 7
Tuesday 10.55am 17-Jun-14 Maths Paper 2 Calc 1h 45m 140 10 Sports Hall
Tuesday 1.30pm 17-Jun-14 Maths 1h 168 7 Sports Hall
Tuesday 1.30pm 17-Jun-14 RE 1h 15m 25 10 Dance Studio
Wednesday 8.30am 18-Jun-14 Music 1h 5 10 Dance Studio
Wednesday 9.40am 18-Jun-14 Textiles 1h 15 10 Dance Studio
Wednesday 8.30am 18-Jun-14 Science 1h 140 9 Sports Hall
Wednesday 9.40am 18-Jun-14 English 1h 151 8 Sports Hall
Wednesday 10.55am 18-Jun-14 Geography 1h 30m 32 10 Sports Hall
Wednesday 10.55am 18-Jun-14 Maths 1h 151 8 Sports Hall
Thursday 8.30am 19-Jun-14 English 1h 168 7 Sports Hall
Thursday 8.30am 19-Jun-14 Resistant Materials 1h 15 10 Dance Studio
Thursday 9.40am 19-Jun-14 Maths 1h 140 9 Sports Hall
Thursday 9.40am 19-Jun-14 Science 1h 30 10 Dance Studio
Thursday10.55am 19-Jun-14 English 2h 149 10 Sports Hall
Thursday 1.30pm 19-Jun-14 Science 1h 140 9 Sports Hall
A PDF of the exam timetable is available here...

Fusion Awards 2014 - 04 June 2014 - Mr James

The UcLan Education Achievement Award 2014 was presented to Billy Maxwell, a 15-year-old student at Blackburn Central High School.

From a young age Billy has supported his mother and taken on the head role at home and is a role model for his younger three siblings. He has continued to sustain high grades at school, even though he spends much of his time looking after his siblings at home.

A model student, Billy thrives academically alongside his commitments at home. He is expected to achieve ‘A’ grades in his examinations this year. Billy also helps at school in the more high profile responsibilities including Open Evenings and Parents Evenings. Billy mixes well with his peers, and even offers advice to fellow students.

Furthermore, Billy recently travelled to Slough to represent SLYNCS, a Lancashire based organisation built on the foundations that young people deserve an opportunity to be heard, learn new skills and discover the world all whilst making a difference to their local community.

Billy was presented the award by UcLan Pro vice Chancellor Lynne Livesey.

One Voice April 2014 - 23 April 2014 - Mr James

The BCHS newsletter One Voice April 2014 edition is here...

Alien Encounter at BCHS - 04 February 2014 - Mr James

Alien Encounter at BCHS


2014 will be recorded as the year that alien life finally made contact with the students of Blackburn Central High School, when local girl Samantha Taylor and Bla the alien visited to raise awareness of the Big Local App.


This free smartphone app contains everything you need to know about the Blackburn & Hyndburn area; from local news, council information, dates and times for the local Cinema and theatre to the local schools’ timetables and events. The information is fully searchable and users can also take advantage of money-off vouchers across the borough.


The Big Local App - Blackburn and Hyndburn is now rolling out across our towns’ local schools. The latest newsletters, timetables, school closures, exam timetables and other important dates are available at the touch of a button making communication even easier between schools and parents. The Big Local App team can also teach the children how the apps are created which includes showing them how SEO works and how to hyperlink.


With Key businesses using the app such at The Ice Arena, The Mall, and with our local schools encouraging parents to download the Big Local App, businesses are able to showcase their services, products and offers to the heart of the local community. Businesses and schools can have a mini app of their own within the Big Local App where they can add photographs and updateable content, and thru GPS technology the app will even guide people to their door. The Big Local App is an essential marketing tool in the Blackburn and Hyndburn area.


The students of BCHS with Crosshill enjoyed their alien encounter and made Bla the alien feel like one of the class whilst Samantha Taylor showed them how to download the app from

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