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Spectacular PTA Fireworks - 25 November 2013 - Mr Rose

PTA Fireworks
Another fantastic firework evening was held this year.
For the full story, Youtube video and Chester Chronicle coverage,
click the picture.

Latest football result: Huntington 5 - 1 Belgrave - 10 October 2013 - Mr Rose

Click HERE for latest football results.

South African visitors - 16 September 2013 - Mr Rose

Visitors from South Africa

 On Friday we welcomed Mr Bryan Cuff from Westcott Primary, Cape Town, who has travelled to spend the week with us as part of our Afritwin project, funded by the British Council.
Mr Cuff is the computer teacher at Westcott, and has been very important in organising our 'live' online forums with Cape Town children in the past.
Over the weekend Mr Cuff was shown around Chester and the local area, together with two colleagues from South Africa (Mrs Linda Anderson from Sweet Valley Primary and Mrs Nasheba Sewsunker from Sullivan Primary). Then on Monday we held a special assembly in school, and Mr Cuff explained all about rhino conservation to the children. He then presented a guava-tasting session to both Y5 and Reception pupils, before heading off to the sandstone ridge with his colleagues and Mr Rose to learn more about Cheshire.
The photos below give a flavour of the visit.
Joining in with Y5's PE warm-up
Bus tour through Chester...
...this was the view, over the River Dee
Entering the amphitheatre...
...ready for action!
With Mrs Sewsunker by the Old Dee Bridge
Watching the Chester Races
Our guests at The Cross
Just before kick-off.
Everton beat Chelsea 1-0 !
At Everton's football ground
History and Landscape in Wales
Mr Cuff explains about the fortified door
About to enter Chirk Castle
Escaping from the dungeon with Mrs Anderson!
Dressed for battle

An underground adventure: through Chirk Tunnel
It was VERY dark inside!
Bravely stepping out...along the Pontcysyllte aqueduct
The view from below!
Click this picture to see a ten minute BBC film
about the aqueduct
Admiring the River Dee at Llangollen
Monday in school: guava tasting!
All hard at work tasting!
Writing down the results
Would you like to try a piece of guava fruit?
Anyone else for guava pudding?
The Iron Age roundhouse at Burwardsley
The view across the Cheshire Plain from the Sandstone Trail
Cheshire sandstone - a river cliff at Farndon
Farndon's sandstone bridge - built in 1339

Tuesday: delving into Chester's past
After a great morning at Oldfield school with Mr Brown and his staff, our guests headed into Chester, where they visited the Grosvenor Museum, the cathedral and The Rows.

Roman gravestones on display
How did Mr Cuff get up there?
(clue: it's not him!)
Standing guard
Inside Chester cathedral
Mr Cuff talks to a historian from Oxford
A calm moment
Mr Cuff & Mrs Anderson outside the cathedral

Thursday: the port city of Liverpool

 After a warm welcome at Whitegate school from Mr Percival and his staff, and a day with the pupils, our guests travelled to Liverpool, a port city like Cape Town.
While there they visited the Liverpool Museum, the Walker Art Gallery and some famous local sites.

At the Liverpool waterfront
Inside Liverpool Museum
Mr Cuff admiring the statues
Outside the Walker Art Gallery
Learning about the Big Art project at the Walker
How to bring paintings to life for children
Beatle Street - named after the famous band Going down!
Liverpool 1...
...Everton 2 !

Friday: lessons and goodbyes
  Mr Cuff taught Y3 pupils about types of soil and their value for growing, then taught Y4 about traditional African musical instruments. We held an assembly to thank Mr Cuff for coming such a long way to visit us and for his work in school - we learned a lot from him. Then we swapped presents - Mr Cuff had brought our school a beautiful 3-D picture of a rhino, a gift from Westcott Primary - and the children said their goodbyes: we wished he and his friends could have stayed for longer!

Mr Cuff teaches Y3 about clay soil...
...and sandy soil
In the ICT suite, the class recorded their findings
Mr Cuff talks to Y4
He brought these instruments from Africa to show us
Y4 enjoy looking at the instruments
Answering lots of questions!
Writing down what we have learned


Reception sing to Mr Cuff and the school
Y5 share their graphs from the guava tasting session
Mr Cuff presents Mr Rose with a gift for the school
Our beautiful present from Westcott


Sunday: World Rhino Day at Chester Zoo
 Mrs Sewsunker stayed over the weekend, and on Sunday visited Chester Zoo with Mr Rose and his family. They were especially interested in the rhino exhibit, Tsavo (named after a region in Kenya), after Mr Cuff's talk to the school about rhino conservation.

Tapirs at Chester Zoo...
...and Indian elephants in a large enclosure
Mrs Sewsunker explaining about aardvarks,
which burrow to find food
'Aardvark' means 'earth pig' in Afrikaans, one of the
main languages of South Africa
Off on safari to see the rhinos!
Mrs Sewsunker and Mr Rose (in Westcott shirt)
outside the Tsavo Black Rhino exhibit


Here they come - cameras at the ready.
Mother and baby Black Rhino
A beautiful baby
Learning about rhino conservation:
a snare used by poachers to trap rhinos in Kenya
Mrs Sewsunker with members of the zoo team


Rhino sketches on display
Looking for mum?
Click this picture to see a short video of the rhinos at the zoo
End of the safari...and the visit from our wonderful guests
 Next it's Mrs Devlin's turn to go travelling...all the way to Cape Town!

New Outdoor Classroom - 05 September 2013 - Mr Rose

Our new outdoor classroom was finished on September 5, with bark paths being dug from the Junior Adventure Play Area and the perimeter path.
It is now being enjoyed during both break and class time, as you can see below!
We are very grateful to both the The MBNA Foundation and our PTA for co-funding this project.

Huntington win the League & Cup Double ! - 08 July 2013 - Mr Rose

Football League & Cup Double Winners 2012-13
Another superb performance, this time against cup-holders Upton Heath, saw Huntington win the
Chester District Cup 5 - 0 at Saughall All Saints school.
In blistering heat, our team's high tempo pressing game and flowing passing were irresistible once more, and but for a series of fine saves from the Upton goalkeeper (and the woodwork) the score could have been more. Three goals came in the first half, from Ben (two) and Harry, then two more in the second, from Henry and Jamie, while James kept a clean sheet in our goal.
A brilliant team performance once more, from what must be the finest team ever to play for Huntington.
Well done!
The tournament organiser arranged the presentation of medals to the squad by the Blacon High School sports leaders who had officiated the match (referee and linesmen).

District Athletics 2013 - 25 June 2013 - Mr Rose

District Athletics
See results and photos from the event by clicking on the photo below
(which contains a clue as to how well the squad did!).

Electricity Safety Talks - 05 June 2013 - Mr Rose

Electricity Safety Talks
Children from Reception to Year 6 enjoyed a lively and informative presentation from Tony Cope of Powerwise on June 4th. The children learned a lot about the subject, especially about how to stay safe, as well as having a great time (see below).

Junior Sports Day 2013 - 25 May 2013 - Mr Rose

Junior Sports Day
An excellent afternoon of athletics was held on May 24th, with Y3-6 competing in three teams:
Red Arrows, White Lightnings and Blue Bolts.
Despite a strong wind (requiring warm sportswear and coats - in May!) everyone stayed cheerful, sang for their team and were kept on their toes with the Junior Warm Up.
Click the picture below to see lots of photos from the day.

Planting in the Vegetable Plot - 19 May 2013 - Mr Rose

Planting in the Vegetable Plot
After the long, LONG winter it was finally time to get planting in the vegetable plot...
...but not before these parsnips were discovered in the soil. 


Year 2 head off for action

Questions - and lots of answers.

These are the seed potatoes that will be planted.
They have already been 'chitted' (encouraged to sprout before planting).
Click HERE for the BBC Guide to chitting potatoes.
Gloves on
Off to work

Examining the Year 2 plot

Here are the potatoes... we'll make some holes for them.
Here's one hole...
...and here's another.
Potato safely in the ground...
...ready to grow!

What's in the vegetable plot this year?


Sweet peas, various flowers




Spring onions, parsnips, peas, beetroot, sweetcorn, runner beans, broccoli, carrots


Lettuce, sweet corn, mushrooms


Spring onions, carrots, peas, parsnips, sweetcorn, climbing beans, runner beans, broccoli,beetroot


Dwarf beans, beetroot, peas, spring onions, broccoli
Many thanks to Rachael Denley-Samson for organizing the planting.

Huntington are Chester football champions 2012-13 - 23 April 2013 - Mr Rose

A superb football season has continued with the team winning both their Chester District League and, in a tournament at Liverpool Academy on May 3rd, the title of Chester Champions.
Click the football to see the league table, the Academy tournament results, and details of all the other matches.

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