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Directory of CPD Opportunities

- 15 September 2011 - Graham Dean
Information about courses provided by all teams and services within the Education Department can be found in one place:
simply click here

New library opening times and other changes

- 09 June 2011 - Graham Dean
The Children's Library is now on the ground floor; there are more PCs, comfy seating areas and a cool teen zone!
Opening Times have been revised. Go to our website to find out more.

Request school library project loans using the learning platform

- 09 June 2011 - Graham Dean
It has been possible to book resources from the School Library Service using the intranet for sometime. Teachers now have the same facility on the learning platform, so that resources can be booked from classroom or home computers, rather than just the school office.
Click here to access the loan form. 

eSafety Day - competition and resources

- 07 February 2011 - Graham Dean
North West eSafety Competition
Details of this can be found here. There are exciting prizes on offer for this competition which is split into three age categories.

Young people are invited to produce any resource that can be used to promote e-safety, in any medium as long as it can be shared electronically - so it could be a short story, a poem, the script of a play, a poster, a film, a podcast, an animated game, anything... Closing date is May 1st, so there is plenty of time!

New CEOP Resources


CEOP has developed a suite of resources designed to tackle the issue of young people taking indecent images which are then circulated to a wider audience. These resources consist of a ten minute film called ‘Exposed’ and accompanying lesson plans. The materials show common ways young people get into this situation, explore the consequences of these actions and what they can do if they find themselves in this position.

‘Exposed’ is aimed at 14 to 18 year olds, although in practice you may feel the film is suitable for those outside of this range.

More information on the resource can be found at:

You can download these resources from selecting ‘Exposed’ under the 11 – 16’s tab.

Suite of Resources for Young People with Special Needs and Disabilities

CEOP has developed a range of resources for professionals to use with young people who have special needs and disabilities. Three versions of an animation have been produced that convey messages in an appropriate format for this audience – available in , mild–moderate needs, moderate–severe needs and audio only.

Additionally, there is a dramatisation covering broadly similar issues involving actors who use British Sign Language. There are two versions of this film, partial or full subtitles. All films have an accompanying lesson plan and activities to highlight important themes.

You can download these from selecting either ‘Know your friends with Josh and Sue’ or ‘Sam’s Real Friends’ under the SEN tab.

Interactive E-safety Game

There is a new internet safety game for 8 – 10 year olds called ‘Star Riders’. This interactive game requires the user to answer questions about internet safety to increase the amount of time they have to collect stars and avoid nasty icons. There is a leader board to encourage users to improve. The questions users are asked will be changed every few months to reflect new themes.

You can access this game at

‘My Life Online’ Competition

On Safer Internet Day, CEOP will be announcing the winners of our ‘My Life Online’ competition. This encourages young people to inform their parents about what they do online, giving them the opportunity to:

· Share all the great things they do when gaming, blogging and using sites like Facebook;

· Show parents what they think is cool and fun online;

· Maybe even give their parents a few tips on how they can learn more!

For more information on the competition, please visit:

Other SID11 Activities

Safer Internet Day is organised annually by Insafeto promote safer and more responsible use of online technology and mobile phones, particularly among children and young people. It is supported by countries throughout Europe and beyond during the week of SID, a range of activities will be taking place across the continent to help protect young people online. Visit their website to find out more about the activities that are taking place

On Safer Internet Day, the UKCouncil for Child Internet Safety (UKCCIS)will be launching good practice guidancefor moderation, social networking, search,and chat and instant messaging services. This can be accessed at Safer Internet Day.

In addition, CEOP are supporting the work of the UK’s new Safer Internet Centre ( and their safer internet day activities.

Keep BwD Children Safe on roads

- 02 December 2010 - Graham Dean
New THINK! Initiative to Keep Children Safe on the roads in Blackburn with Darwen

A new partnership between the THINK! Child road safety campaign and Blackburn Rovers FC will be launched today.


The new campaign will see Blackburn Rovers use their after school clubs and activities in schools and on match days to help youngsters learn about road safety using the “Safe Place to Cross” toolkit (materials, activities and games produced by THINK!).
Staff from the Blackburn Rovers Community Trust will come into selected schools and teach how to find safe places to cross the road using activities and games from THINK! Children can enter a competition to design the best road safety poster on safe places to cross the road and the winners will design their own animation at Ewood Park with their class. Get your entries across to the Blackburn Rovers Community Trust by 10 December. There are even more games, competitions and cool prizes to be won on the road safety website It also contains important videos like the one below:
(This video can be embedded in your school learning platform - paste this link:
The education programme is backed by a lively website which features a wealth of information for parents on how to keep their children safe on the road and a link to the “Safe Place to Cross” toolkit. This means that you and your child can complete any worksheets or activities at home which your child may not have been introduced to as part of THINK!’s campaign with Blackburn Rovers.


Parents can look at the pupils’ area of the site with their child, which contains road safety resources including stories and games. They can also order free road safety resources for their child, including reflective key rings.


Please visit the site at:


Your Local Road Safety Team is also involved in the project and can be contacted for road safety education advice at:

Two kinds of school when it snows!

- 02 December 2010 - Graham Dean

Many parents will be wondering how to occupy their increasingly bored children who are missing their school friends. But for an increasing number of lucky parents their school has the answer.

All over the country there are schools where learning continues even when snow closes the school. Schools with effective online learning platforms can keep much of the normal school activity going. Teachers can set work online and post resources so that parents can more easily support homework, pupils can email work to their teachers and ask them questions. With online forum and chat facilities for a class or the whole school, pupils can discuss and collaborate. Many of the schools also use their platforms for extra-curricular activity and fun learning challenges.

Wise parents should be asking questions of their children’s schools. Has the school got accreditations to show they know how to use ICT properly? If they don't already make good use of online platforms to engage pupils and parents, what are their plans to do so? And of course these systems don't only come into play when it snows; they support classwork, homework and extra-curricular activities all the time.

The definition of an excellent school and excellent teaching is changing. The time and space where young people can help each other learn, and interact with their teachers now extends beyond the school day and the school gates.

In around 10% of schools across the country, most of the teachers are already using the school’s online platform to support pupils’ work in class and at home, as well as to ease administrative tasks – and the number of schools doing this is growing fast. We suggest you visit schools near you that are providing a 21st century education for their pupils.
NAACE press release December 1st, 2010
If you need advice on how to make the most of your school learning platform, contact BwD elearning Service on 01254 244377 or email
Learning platform courses will take place on the mornings of:
January 20 - managing users and dealing with profile sets (includes some aspects of esafety)
 February 10 - topics for these dates have yet to be decided
March 10
 April 7
May 12
 June 9
Workshop sessions will be held on the afternoons of:

January 20

February 10

March 10

April 7
May 12
June 9
July 14

Childcare Sufficiency Assessment

- 29 November 2010 - Graham Dean

Blackburn with Darwen Early Years Excellence



Childcare Sufficiency Assessment
Early Years Single Funding Formula Consultation

The Play project

- 24 November 2010 - Graham Dean
Integrative Play in a Segregated Borough:
A New Way Forward for Community Cohesion
This report is the product of an eighteen month investigation into the relationship between children's play and community cohesion. The investigation was born out of a partnership between the School of Law, Justice and Community Studies at the University Centre at Blackburn College and the Department of Leisure and Culture at Blackburn with Darwen Borough Council. The research was undertaken in response to the college's interest in strengthening its research profile and establishing closer links with employers. The research has been undertaken principally in Blackburn – a traditional cotton mill town in the North West of England. 
View a full copy of the report.

Launch of the Think Family Pilots

- 26 August 2010 - Graham Dean

There is a great deal of exciting work going on to implement the Think Family policy agenda at a local level. This has involved undertaking a borough-wide analysis of deprivation and wider risk factors, which has led to the identification of three Think Family pilots within the Shadsworth and Bastwell areas as well as Darwen which will be linked to Darwen Aldridge Community Academy.

Therefore, I am pleased to invite headteachers and service managersto attend one of the Think Family pilot launches which will enable us to trial radical and innovative approaches to supporting children, young people and families with additional needs using a Think Family approach. They will also provide you with an opportunity to contribute to the development of a Think Family model for Blackburn with Darwen on the day.
More details and link to a booking form can be found on the calendar - click on the links below:

BSF newsletter for high school students - summer 2010

- 08 July 2010 - Graham Dean
Issue 5 of the BSF newsletter for high school students - click on the image to view.

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