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Year 7 Revision Guide

Year 7 Revision Guide

Religious Education



Physical Education

Religious Education
Physical Education
Modern Languages

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There will be no prepared assessment material or topic for this exam.


For the writing paper, students will be assessed on their accuracy, fluency and sophistication. We will be looking for an interesting and appropriate vocabulary and so students should think of synonyms for everyday language. For spelling, students should revise from their vocabulary books and learn spellings they have corrected in their exercise books. They will need towrite appropriately for the audience and purpose, reading the question carefully is imperative.Students should know how to use paragraphs and a range of punctuation correctly. Students will revise this in lessons.

For the reading paper, students will be assessed on their level of understanding and comprehension skills. To revise they should read as often as possible, reading out loud too is helpful, as is paraphrasing what they have read to demonstrate their understanding. Students will be expected to comment on the writer's use of language and so looking closely at examples of fiction and non-fiction and thinking of the effects created would be beneficial. Students will revise these skills in lessons.

The topics for the year 7 exam are;
  • map skills- grid references, distance, symbols, direction
  • water cycle and flooding
  • earthquakes and volcanoes
Year 7 topics

Battle of Hastings
Feudal pyramid
Domesday Book
Black Death
Peasant's Revolt 1381

Pupils will be examined on both the content and their understanding of historical sources. Pupils only need the information in their exercise books, there is no need to buy any revision guides.
  • YHealth and Safety
  • E-Safety
  • Fact and Opinion
  • Boolean
  • Spreadsheets
  • Computer and Control

All year 7 pupils will sit an appropriately levelled Examination consisting of:

  • A 1 hour Non-calculator paper. 
  • And a 1 hour Calculator paper. 
The papers will assess ALL topics covered throughout KS3 and pupils should focus their revision on the levels that they will be tested. We also recommend that pupils access their MyMaths accounts and try the various Booster Packs and Online worksheets to help to guide them through each level.
These assessments will provide each teacher with further evidence to support their Teacher Assessed 'End of key Stage 3' level that will be submitted.
KS3 Maths drop-in sessions are available every Tuesday lunchtime for revision of these exams.


Year 7 revision topics are:
  • Instuments of the Orchestra.
  • Rhythm (note values, name, etc) 
  • Pitch (treble clef note names, recognising bass clef) 
  • Elements of music (pitch, tempo, texture, timbre, dynamics)
Awaiting Information.
Pupils need to revise:
  • Jesus' Parables.
  • Jesus' Temptations. 
  • Miracles. 
  • Baptism. 
Year 7 Revision Sheet - (click to open)
This is for all classes.
  • Be Reactive - chemical hazards, working safely, chemical reactions. 
  • How things move - forces. 
  • Staying alive - reproduction. 
  • Using energy - types of energy, renewable and non-renewable sources, conserving energy.
  • What are things made of - particale theory. 

Spanish Year 7 End of Year Test:

The exam will be based on the topics of

  • School. 
  • Self and family. 
  • House and where you live. 
  • Free time.

These topics are taken from Modules 2, 3, 4 and 5 in the Mira Express 1 text book.

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