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Pupil eSafety links
Pupil on-line e-safety information and activities
To access the resources simply click on the icon
CBBC's Stay Safe guide to safe surfing with cartoon character Dongle.


The Cyber Cafe allows pupils to explore a range of on-line activities.

Hectors world allows younger pupils to explore a range of on-line adventures.
The Hector Protector safety button.
Installing this adds the Hector button to the screen. If children navigate to a web page that they find disturbing, clicking on this button, hides the screen, but enables the teacher or parent to investigate.
The UK Kidsmart on-line safety quiz                                                 
A Canadian site with games designed to raise awareness of internet safety and reliability of websites, designed for ages 6 to 12.
Details last updated October 24, 2008 (LA)