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New School Pictures
The new entrance
The official opening by the youngest and oldest child in school.
A section of the new build.
The new foundation stage classroom.
The new outside area for children.
The school new reception area.                                     
A new classroom. 


Some statistics from the development works:

• BREEAM Rating and score - Projected Very Good
• The key innovative and low-impact design features of the building - Radiant panels in the ceiling to free wall space, double roof arrangement allows natural light into new build classrooms from at least 2 sides.
• Basic Building Cost - £2229/m2
• Services Costs - £505/m2
• External Works - £135/m2
• Gross floor area - 890 m2
• Total area of site – hectares 0.089
• Function areas and their size Classrooms 59m2 ea
• Area of circulation 172m2
• Area of storage (m2)
• % area of grounds to be used by community (where relevant) .041 hectares
• % area of buildings to be used by community (where relevant) none
• Predicted electricity consumption - 21 kWh/m2
• Predicted fossil fuel consumption - 104 kWh/m2
• Predicted renewable energy generation - 0 kWh/m2
• Predicted water use - 3m3/person/year
• % predicted water use to be provided by rainwater or greywater 0%
• Steps taken during the construction process to reduce environmental impacts included seggregation and recycling of waste, protecting retained trees from construction activities, using environmentally friendly building materials with recyled content, recording energy and water use.
• Sustainable measures carried out during the scheme included - Community Engagement with pupils and local residents through the use of Considerate Constructor Scheme lifesize mascot Ivor Goodsite. Calendar Competition in liason with Young Persons Trust for the Environment, 3 finalist pupils went on and expenses paid trip to the Natural History Museum in London for the finals. Winners picture will be published in YPTE 2011 Calendar.

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