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All Governors would like to thank all pupils, staff, parents, carers and our community partners for their hard work and enthusiasm, which contributed to an Ofsted report that we are all delighted with and extremely proud of.
The Governing Body at Vernon Primary School currently has 17 members:
Mrs Ashley Hickson -  Chair.  Community Governor
Mrs Joanne Glimmerveen - Head teacher
Mr Robin Richards - Chair of Finance Committee.  Parent Governor
Mrs Tricia Grierson - Chair of Buildings and Environment Committee Community Governor
Mrs Pauline Jones - Chair of Personnel Committee.  Community  Governor

Mr Mike Jackson -   Parent Governor,Health & Safety Governor

Mrs Wendy Sykes - Chair of Teaching and Learning Community Governor

Mr Jack Hutchcroft - Local Authority Governor

Mrs Helen O'Sullivan - Vice Chair,  Parent Governor

Mr Dean Picksley - Parent Governor
Miss Ruth Kime - Staff Governor
Mrs Lauren Mowat - Staff Governor
Mr Chris Luke - L.A. Governor
Mrs Mandy Bell - Parent Governor

26 Sept 2013  Teaching and Learning  at 12.10pm

26 Sept 2013 Pupil Voice  1.45-3.00pm

26 Sept 2013 Interim FGB meeting -annual SDP for governors and staff 4-5.15pm

26 Sept 2013 Continuity planning meeting for SLT and all chairs of committees 5.15-6.00pm


10th October 2013  Teaching and Learning  at 12.10pm

10th October  2013  Pupil Voice 1.45-3.00pm


6th November 2013 SIP visit - governors welcome to join SIP for feedback TBC (around lunchtime)

6th November 2013 HT Performance Mgt – Chairs of all committees and Chair to attend TBC ~ 1.45pm

7th November 2013 Buildings and Environment committee at 9.30am   

7th November 2013 Teaching and Learning  at 12.10pm

7th November  2013 Pupil Voice  1.45-3.00pm

7th November 2013 Finance Committee 4pm

14th November 2013 FGB 5pm


22nd January 2014 Buildings and Environment committee at 9.30am   


30th January 2014 Finance committee 4pm


6th February  2014 FGB  5pm


1st May Buildings and Environment committee at 9.30am    

8th May Finance committee 4pm

15th May 2014 FGB 5pm


All State schools have a Governing Body whose membership is a balance of the interests of the Local Authority (appointed), the Parents (elected), the Staff (elected) and the local community (co-opted).
In most cases, including Vernon, the Head Teacher is also a Governor.
The role of the Governors is to work in partnership with the school staff and leadership team to ensure that there is effective strategic management of the school and to help provide the children with a safe, stimulating and professional environment. It is not the Governor's role to deal with the day to day management of the school.
At Vernon we hold twice termly meetings of the Full Governing Body, although most of the detailed work is dine in our four core committees (Building & Environment, Finance, Personnel and Teaching & Learning). In addition, ad hoc committees willl be formed, as needed, to deal with particular issuesas they arise. Every aspect of school life has a formal link with a 'specialist' governon.
Governors regularly attend training courses and liaise with colleagues from other schools in the area. We are fortunate that we have never struggled to find diligent and dedicated people to perform this voluntary and unpaid responsibility, but we are always happy to hear from anyone who might be interested in becoming a member should a vacancy occur.
Chair of Governors

Clumber Road, Poynton, Cheshire, SK12 1NW  Tel. 01625 872556