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World Book Day Story 2012

A hundred years ago in a spooky,spikey forest there was a old,dark castle full of skeletons and ghosties! Bats and snakes flapped and slithered through the pointy branches of the trees. People said that in the mysterious castle there were witches, dragons,bears and even a dinosaur! Nobody dared to go to the castle because they were too frightened!

Fungus Fergus was a super and brave litttle boy hero. He had bright and beautiful blue eyes. His hair was soft and smooth with a small curl in it. He wore invisable magic glasses and green and blue magic potions. Fungus Fergus was not scared of anything only daisies.

Marvellous Megan the parrot was Fungus Fergus' faithful friend. She was always flying at his side or sat on his shoulder. If you looked at Megan on a hot summer's day she was beautiful, with shiny multicoloured feathers. Then at night time she could change herself and she became as black as the darkness, with only her two eyes lighting up like fireflies.

It was a Monday morning just like any other Monday morning when disaster struck! Fungus heard a deafening squawk from Megan.
"What's up Megan?" exclaimed Fungus.
"One of my beautiful, magical feathers have come loose and a gust of wind has blown it through the window. It has landed in the spooky, creepy castle gardens!" cried Megan.
"Don't worry my faithful friend" replied Fungus "We will make it our mission to get it back! We are not afraid of anything!"
Fungus' face fell as he looked out of his window at the castle gardens, full of giant, staring daisies!

So, they set off towards the big, spooky castle. As Megan and Fungus Fergus started to get closer they noticed a deep, dark, murky moat all the way around the castle.
"Oh no! How will we get across the deep moat?" exclaimed Fungus Fergus worriedly.
"We might have to get a big, long stick to help us get over and find the feather," suggested Megan.
"But Megan, even if we get across, I'm scared of daisies!" fretted Fungus Fergus.

Fungus Fergus and Megan started to search the nearby woods for a gigantic, strong, thick stick but they had no luck in finding one. So they had to think of another plan to get over the moat.

Megan explained her plan to Fungus Fergus. "You need to hold on to my legs, close your eyes and I will carry you over the moat and the daises so that we can find my magical feather."

"What a good idea" said Fungus Fergus and he closed his eyes, held on to Megan and off they set.

After arriving safely within the castle gardens, as if from nowhere, a Daisysaurus emerged from the gloomy mist with a menacing roar!
"Aaaargh!" wailed Fungus, as he quivered behind his feathered faithful companion.
Before him stood his worst nightmare...gnarled daisy-root feet supported a bulging green bulk of a body, modelling a dazzling daisy tutu. Delightful, delicate daisy chains draped around a sturdy stem of a neck and a dainty, daisy diamante tiara perched on a monstrous head.
An adorable chubby-cheeked grin beamed back at him. Twinkling daisy eyes, with precious petal lashes, fluttered pleasantly towards the frightened Fungus.
"Roaaaratchoo!" errupted the Daisysaurus and an array of daisies sprayed across the cobbled courtyard. Fungus snatched desperately for the green potion strapped to his belt. He fumbled frantically with the bottle stopper and flung the lethal liquid into the heart of the floral explosion!... The daisies disintegrated!
"Oops a daisy! I'm sorry my friend, I hab terrible hay fever. You wouldn't happen to hab a tissue would you?"
Having watched how easily the daisies evaporated, Fungus realised he had nothing to fear. Reaching for his hero cape he mumbled nervously, "Nnnnever fear, I have a cape right here." He presented the oversized tissue to the delighted Daisysaurus.

Walking briskly past the Daisysaurus, Fungus and Megan rounded the giant oak tree and stopped dead. On a bench in front of them, lay a haggard old witch. Staring carefully, the brave duo realised that this witch was gently sobbing. As they approached, she let out a sudden scream, "you'll never get your feather! Never! Unless you cheer me up and solve my riddle."
"Well we've come this far," remarked Fungus "cheer you up, cheer you up, cheer you up...let's see...,"
"You are looking particularly ugly today," interrupted Megan... Both Fungus and Megan stared at the witch, waiting for her reaction. Slowly, she sat up and replied, "why thank you dear. Noone has ever said anything so kind! Now you must solve my riddle: what travels around the world but stays in one corner?"
Whilst Megan scratched her beak with her wing in confusion, Fungus had a sudden brainwave. "A stamp!" he blurted out!
"You have solved my riddle and you may have your feather back. I didn't really like it anyway," grumbled the witch.
"My precious!" hissed Megan as she was reunited with her feather. Setting off for the short journey home, Megan turned to Fungus and said, "We like quests don't we?"
"Yes, "replied Fungus.
"That's good," responded Megan "Cos I've only gone and lost another feather..."

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