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Mrs Rendall's South African Diary

Saturday 3rd March


Hello from very sunny and very hot South Africa!


I have arrived safely after a very long but very exciting plane ride! I have completed my swallows journey! I say this as Green Class, (and maybe Turquoise and Yellow class too?) have been learning about the migration journey of the the swallow from England to South Africa as part of our 'Birds' section of our 'Carnival of the Animals' topic. Well, just like our study of the swallows flight, I flew over the mountains of Europe
(the Alps - I have a photo to show you!!!)
and the Sahara Desert of Northern Africa (I have a photo to show you!!!)
and the jungle/rainforest of the Congo region of Africa (unfortunately no photo as it was too misty : (  

When I eventually landed in the city of Johannesburg, South Africa, it was night time and although the flight had taken 13 hours it had been wonderful passing over all of these countries when the sky was so clear and blue and you could see the land below. My flight was finished off with a very dramatic electric storm that lit up the sky like a firework display and made our plane shake quite a bit!


When I landed, my tiredness was soon forgotten by the warmth of our greeting by our African hosts. They waved balloons and danced and sang to welcome us proudly to their country. There in the middle of the group, was Mr Dire who visited our school last October! It was lovely to see him again.


After we had said all our hellos, I got on the bus to my hotel where tiredness caught up with me again and I had a lovely sleep in a comfy bed instead of an airplane seat! Wonderful!


I'm going to sign off now but I am hoping to send you emails and maybe photos when I can to keep you up to date with everything that is going on. Mr Dire says a big hello to everyone at Weston and he wants me to tell you what happy memories he has of his time with us.

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