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Mrs Rendall - Days 2 and 3

Sunday , Monday 4th/5th March


Hello children at Weston! This is Mrs Rendall's blog from still very sunny and very hot South Africa!


Although I have been in South Africa for only three days there has been so much to pack in and so many exciting things to tell you!


Yesterday (Sunday) we were taken to Sun City and the Lost  Palace, a beautiful place where many South Africans go on holiday. It has shapes and faces of animals craved into the rock looking out, (I've enclosed a photo) and a walkway of magnificent elephant statues.

After that we were all treated to a wonderful experience, we went on an safari through the African bush.  I was so excited!
As it was roasting hot in the middle of the day our guide told us that we may not see too many animals as they would be in the shade asleep but we did manage to see elephants, zebras, gazelles, hippos, warthogs, buffalo, giraffe, ostrich and rhinos! Don't expect fantastic photographs though, as I was so excited I had myb camera upside down for most of the time and found out that I had taken some marvellous videos of the jeep floor. I am enclosing one of wildebeest and springbok that I actually managed to take the right way up !

We arrived back safely however and I was very relieved, as I found out later that only three days before an angry elephant had turned over a car in the reserve!


Monday 5th March

After our exciting weekend it was time to get down to the real purpose of my visit, that was to link with our partner school in South Africa, Tlamatlama Primary School. When I arrived I was very nervous, probably in the same way that Mr Dire was when he visited us in October. On getting out of the car I was greeted by hundreds of children waving flags and dancing, an amazing sight!  (Mr Dire told me that my welcome included about 700 children, half the population of the school - how many does that make altogether?) The children sang the South African national anthem and spoke the English national anthem - all the verses!! Very impressive ! After that, one of the year 6 pupils read out a welcome poem which was lovely and made my eyes leak and then it was my turn to speak! I thanked them for their wonderful warm welcome and said how much I was looking forward  to meeting them all in the classroom.

I have a video to show you when I get back but will try to email a short video to you if I find out if the Internet connection will let me do it!


Hopefully, tomorrow I will tell you a little about the lessons i have  observed and a bit about the township in which the children live. But now I am going to try to go to sleep in my very hot bedroom, try to ignore the sound of buzzing mosquitos, and go to sleep as I am very, very tired...........zzzzzzzzzz


Night, night

Love from Mrs Rendall x

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