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Transferring to High School
During the summer term, parents of year 5 pupils will receive a pack from Cheshire East Council with all the information they need to apply to secondary school.  Applications are usually due in October, just after pupils have started year 6.
Many of our pupils attend our local secondary school, Shavington High School, and have the opportunity to get to know the school and staff during their time here at Weston.  Pupils from Shavington come to read to children in key stage 1, staff are involved in training play leaders at our school and pupils in key stage 2 have opportunities to visit Shavington for sporting events and science week.  Teachers from Shavington have also visited our school, inspiring children with new and exciting science lessons, talking to them about any concerns they might have about transferring to High School and gaining valuable insight from our own teachers to help make the transition as smooth as possible.  Pupils who will be transferring to Shavington High School will also have the opportunity to take part in a residential trip to Menai and to visit the school for 2 days during the summer term.
Whichever school your child will be transferring to at the end of year 6, you can be confident that our staff will be communicating with teachers from your child's new school in order to ease the transition, and will support induction programmes/visits they may be involved in.
Watch out for open days/evenings at local high schools - they're great opportunities for you to have a look around with your children, find out more about the schools and ask any questions you may have.


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