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Aims and Organisation
We strive to create a sense of community and belonging for all our pupils. 
We have an inclusive ethos with high expectations and suitable targets, a
broad and balanced curriculum for all children, also systems for early
identification of barriers to learning and participation.  Weston’s Inclusion
Policy contains explicit and specific statements which reflect the
school’s commitment to promote inclusion, highlighting our belief that
Inclusive Education is based on equality of opportunity. 
We believe that all children should have educational provision of the highest
quality, with access to opportunities that develop their skills and abilities. 
In order to achieve this, Weston Village Primary School recognises its duty to
do its utmost to provide quality inclusive education to all its children.
The class organisation is dependent on the number of children on roll. However, the
Governing Body believe that the best resource a school can have is a teacher, therefore
they always attempt to divert extra money into our staffing allocation.  As such, they
always strive to achieve the optimum staffing/pupil ratio.
The teaching staff use a variety of techniques in order to provide maximum
learning opportunities for the pupils.  This means that sometimes whole class
lessons are undertaken, sometimes it may be group work based on ability
groups, whilst on other occasions work will be done on an individual basis.

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