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Admissions Policy
Admissions Policy



The Nursery offers free part-time places for children the term after they have reached their 3rd birthday.  We have a flexible offer of 15 hours per week; these can be taken as 5 morning or 5 afternoon sessions, or 2 and a half days (Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday morning OR Wednesday afternoon, Thursday and Friday).  Please put names on the waiting list for Nursery when your child is two and a half. 



Blackburn with Darwen Local Authority manages primary admissions, application forms are available in school (or you can ask for the Council to send one out to you) and returned to school by the due date.  Formal offers of places are sent out in accordance with the LA’s policy and agreed timetable, usually in March.  We have places for 30 children in Reception.


Admission Criteria

Admission policy for community and voluntary controlled infant and primary schools

Children with a statement for special educational needs and individual pupil resourcing agreements (IPRAs) for whom the preferred school is named in the statement will be admitted first. The remaining applicants (1st & 2nd preferences) will be considered equally against the Council’s admission policy in the priority order given below:


(a) Children in care (looked after children), then


(b) Children with older brothers and sisters of children (includes step children and foster children living with the same family at the same address) who will be attending the school when the younger child starts, then


(c) Children with proven exceptional medical, social or welfare needs which are directly relevant to the school concerned. Appropriate evidence from a doctor, social worker etc must be provided. Consideration may also be given where one or both parents/carers or the child has a disability that may make travel to a school further away more difficult, then


(d) The geographical criteria is:

Remaining places will be offered to children who live nearest to the preferred school.  The distance will be measured in a straight line between the home front door and the main gate of the school using a computer.

NOTE: If category (a), (b) or (c) is oversubscribed, category (d) will be used as a ‘tiebreaker’.

If after applying category (d), it is not possible to decide on the child/ren to be offered admission, children whose surname and, if appropriate, first name appears to be first alphabetically will be offered admission.

Admissions to the rest of the school

Please enquire if there are any vacancies and then fill in an application form.  It is best if children can start at the start of a school year, but we realise sometimes this isn’t possible.  Please ask if you would like a tour of the school. 

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