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Lateness/ Absences/ Illness

Lateness/ Absences

School starts at 8.50a.m.  If your child arrives after 9.05a.m. they will be marked late in the register.  The Education Welfare Officer monitors our registers on a monthly basis, and will follow up any frequent lates, ultimately resulting in possible fines.  If your child is poorly please telephone the school office and let us know.  If we have not heard from you by 10.00a.m the office staff will telephone you to ensure your child’s safety.  Punctuality and regular attendance are important if your child is to make progress and develop friendships. 


Holidays during Term Time


Taking time off school during term time can disrupt your child’s education.  The Headteacher may authorise absence during term time in exceptional circumstances.  Please obtain a holiday request form from the office.  The maximum time that can be authorised is 10 school days in one school year.  However, there will be a maximum of 20 days authorised in the 7 years your child is at school IN TOTAL.  Please note that Year 6 pupils will not be given authorised absences during May-SATs month.   



When your child is ill please do not send them to school.  It is important that you telephone school to let us know about the absence on the first day as soon as possible in the morning.  If we have not heard from you we will need to telephone you, to ensure the safety of your children at all times.  On your child’s return to school please send a letter explaining the reason for their absence.  It is very important that we are able to contact you during the school day in case your child becomes ill or has an accident.  Please make sure you tell us if the phone numbers where you live or work change.  If hospital treatment is necessary doctors will not give treatment without parents/carers permission.


It is really important we have emergency contact numbers for you, so please ensure you always update us on changes in telephone numbers.
If your child needs to take medicine, tablets, apply cream or drops, whilst at school you must fill in a form from the office to allow the teachers to do this.  If it is an ongoing complaint a medical care plan will need to be completed alongside the School Nurse and the class teacher. 

School Nurse

We have a school health adviser who carries out routine checks for hearing and eyesight, and is available for advice on a range of matters throughout your child’s school career.  Parents/carers are always informed and asked to sign a permission slip to allow this to happen.  Parents are always invited to attend.  Dental inspections also take place regularly.

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