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We believe the assessment of children is essential in planning the progression of each child’s learning.  Teachers continually assess work and set targets for children to move them forward.  Records of all pupils’ progress are regularly updated. 


Children are encouraged to assess their own work and to know and understand their own targets, which will take their learning forward.  We have a clear Assessment Policy in school, with regular testing and teacher assessments.  We track each child’s progress three times a year to ensure we fully meet his/her needs.  Your child will be supported and encouraged in order to reach their potential.   


As part of the requirements of the National Curriculum children are assessed by Standard Assessment Tasks (SATs) in Year 6.  We also use the optional SATs from Year 2-Year 5.  The Foundation Stage Profile is completed at the end of Reception; assessing all the areas of learning they cover.

Target Setting


Targets are set by the class teacher every term and are shared with children and parents/carers at parent interviews in October, February and April.

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