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Home School Communication
Home School Communication

School-Home Communication


Parent/carers evenings


These take place three times a year.  You will find out how your child is getting on at school, see and contribute to the targets being set for your child/ren and be able to discuss them with the teacher. 


School reports


These are distributed once a year in the summer term.


Other meetings with staff


Our teachers are always pleased to meet parents and carers, however they are busy people, so be sure of getting the time that you need it is best to make an appointment with the class teacher.  Unless it is an emergency, if you need to see Miss Clayton-Grady, please make an appointment first to make sure she is available by calling in or telephoning the school office.


Home-School Agreement


Each year parents, carers, children and teachers all sign a Home-School Agreement, which clearly sets out what we can expect from one another.  Please ask for your copy at the School Office. 

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