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Risk Assessment

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DEPT:: Education and lifelong learning.            SECTION / UNIT / SCHOOL: School Sports Partnership

LOCATION : King Georges Hall


ACTIVITY            Schools Dance performance / finale



Significant Hazards

How they may arise

People at Risk

1. Tripping and or slipping on steps


2. Collision with other pupils


3. Muscular strains or injury


4. Injury to feet



5. Falls


6. Slips and trips



7. Missing pupils


8.Electric shock

9. Burnt by Fire

Overcrowding or hurrying on steps. Accessing the stage and exiting the stage.



Pupils attempting unfamiliar movement or activity. Slipping on step at rear of stage.





Pupils losing balance and not being supported during stunting / cheerleading


Pupils tripping over objects on floor including stereo cable or slipping on fluid/dust


Pupils being unaccounted for due to leaving the hall without permission or not attending the session  when they  should


Pupils tampering with stereo and cabling.

Fire arisen, pupils not exiting / being able to exit safely

Dancers  aka pupils




















Current Control Measures

New Control Measures Needed

Action Date



1. Management of pupils off and on the stage from members of staff from PE and School Sports Partnership



2. Thinking through and setting up safe practices while encouraging children to be aware of others close by. Teachers with dancers  to reiterate this.


3. Sensible warm up when required. School’s teacher in charge.


4. Floor inspection prior to session beginning


5. Moving tripping hazards from area and ensuring cabling is hidden


6.Staff to have running order and members of staff from schools to have  attendance register also routine for leaving room i.e. ask permission


7. Instructions to pupils to not tamper with stereo equipment or cabling, regular inspection of the stereo and extension leads










Instructions to pupils to stay away from equipment, rules on areas that can be used. How to access and exit stage (clearly marked with signs from the balcony).




Continued practice management and pupil encouragement





Intense supervision and instruction when required from school staff.





Members of PE and School Sports Partnership team positioned throughout the back stage area.








   June 09



















Additional Measures


School Sports partnership  to provide duty first aiders : British red cross


School evacuation






Procedure for instructor to raise alarm


Instructor is made aware of procedure and assembly point












Relevant Guidance Notes & other advisory documents


Schools Normal Operating Procedures/Emergency Action Plans


BALPE manual 2004-10-11


Fire safety (contained in EAP)








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