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Investors in Excellence


Investors in Excellence

Investors in Excellence is a professional development programme aimed at releasing and maximising potential. There are specific programmes aimed at teachers and students.

Phase 1 Phase 1 of the training focuses on individual development and covers concepts such as:
Our belief about our ability to cause or make things happen.
How our mind works
Participants understand that they act, work and perform in accordance with the truth as they see it and that past experiences and conditioned beliefs that are stored in the subconscious, affect the choices and risks we take. This model gives us the basic understanding that it is the image we hold about ourselves that determines how we behave.
How beliefs are established
Before attempting change, we need to understand how past conditioning has influenced our thought processes and how people we have listened to in the past have helped us to create our present beliefs about ourselves.
Vision and current reality
The key to creating excellence and change is to develop a vision which is stronger than the current reality.
Habits and attitudes
In the world of accelerating change, our old habits and attitudes may be holding back our development. We need to identify those that are contributing to our growth and those we see value in changing.
Self-image and comfort zones
An understanding of the impact of self-image and how it is formed and reinforced by self-talk. Where and why we feel comfortable or uncomfortable in certain situations, these are important tools for self-development and managing the change process.
The Performance Cycle
This establishes the relationship between the self-talk, self-image and real performance delivered in the outside world.
Affirmations and goal setting
Once we have created a vision and an understanding of how to change and grow, we need specific steps to achieve the goals we've set.
The only true motivation is self-motivation, anything else we push back against. We should understand that we need to be accountable for our actions and the results we produce, both personally and organisationally.
Phase 2

Phase 2 of the programme is designed with both the individual and the organisation in mind. Concepts covered include Leadership, Vision and Values, Resilience, Living a Purposeful Life, Creativity, Stages of Development and Continuous Improvement and Growth.

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