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Steps To Success

Steps to Success

Writing Level 4



My writing should be lively and thoughtful



My writing should be organised and interesting



My handwriting should be neat and legible

Vocabulary should be adventurous and used to create an effect

I should use complex sentences and extend my points

Spelling and punctuation should be accurate (e.g. question marks, full stopes and capital letters are used correctly).

Writing Level 5



My writing should be varied and interesting I should express myself using many methods e.g. Imagery, varying formality where needed.


My vocabulary should be imaginative and precise.

I should always use paragraphs effectively and in an organised way.

Words should be spelt correctly, including complex vocabulary.

A range of punctuation including commas, apostrophes and inverted commas used accurately.

My handwriting is joined, clear and fluent.

Writing Level 6



My writing is engaging and sustains the reader's interest


My writing style adapts to the task and I use an impersonal form where needed.

I use a range of sentance structures e.g. simple and complex structures and varied vocabulary

My spelling is accurate including irregular spellings.

A range of punctuation is used to clarify meaning, e.g. quotation marks, and writing is organised into paragraphs

Setting Target

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