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Some helpful software to assist with your language learning

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Language learning resources

I use a range of websites and software and intend that this page should provide a few ideas of resources that may be useful for your language learning. Nothing on this page should be seen as a recommendation to purchase. It is simply a suggestion that you may wish to investigate further.

Firstly, a good dictionary is a very sensible investment. On my iPhone I have the Larousse French dictionary which includes complete verb conjugations, audio pronunciation and a very broad vocabulary.

Please do not confuse a dictionary with a translator. Google Translate is certainly a useful tool. It is not, however, at all appropriate as a means of helping you to learn a foreign language. Its use is quite easily detectable by people who are well acquainted with the relevant languages and, importantly, your teacher will refuse to sign off any assessment task for which its use is suspected.

Good old-fashioned paper dictionaries are still a useful resource. Collins has produced very good quality dictionaries for a long time and they have a broad range of dictionaries for learners of all levels.


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