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Uniservity Support Desk
0845 675 1151
(Mon - Fri 9am - 5pm)

ELearning Curriculum Support
TEL: 01204 332034
Elearning & Curriculum Update
Elearning & Curriculum support - can be delivered to schools through the support
package option within this years SLA.
This support can be bespoke to a schools requirements.
Schools have used this support for:  1:1 subject leader support, new curriculum planning, Esafety, using iPads to enhance teaching & learning, team training lesson, staff meeting & INSETs.
If you wish to know more details and cost please do not hesitate to contact Bolton SICT Unit (33)2034 

Information regarding the EU Cookie Privacy Law
UniServity investigated the new EU Privacy Law when the ruling was first announced last year. Uniservity does use cookies for some
functionality once a user has logged in. However, these cookies are ‘Strictly necessary’ in order to be able to provide the Life functionality
and therefore does not fall into the requirements listed in the guidance that was provided. Uniservity will continue to monitor the use of
cookies and will act accordingly should the use of these cookies change outside of those ‘Strictly necessary’.
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